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Akanksha Puri HD Photos: Akanksha Puri Akanksha Puri is making a lot of captions these days by winning Mika’s Swayamvar. suckers are eagerly staying for the marriage of this couple. Meanwhile, his filmland has also created a melee.


Akanksha Puri is a social media nut, in such a situation, she doesn’t miss any occasion to partake in her filmland on social media. lately, the actress has participated in some filmland.


Akanksha Puri is seen wearing a red saree in the rearmost filmland. A veritably bold look of the actress is seen in the saree.


Akanksha Puri knows how to look glamorous and sizzling in a saree.

Akanksha Puri’s killer style in an ultramodern sari is being seen. It’s getting delicate for the suckers to take their eyes off their filmland.


Akanksha Puri has kept crimpy open hair to complete her look. Red camo has added to her look.


Akanksha Puri looks beautiful in Bala’s saree. Be it an ultramodern saree or a traditional bone. This filmland is evidence of that.


Akanksha Puri frequently shares filmland in saree on her Instagram. piecemeal from the western look of the actress, her traditional face is also well-liked.


Akanksha Puri first came into the spotlight when she reached Bigg Boss to support her ex-boyfriend Paras Chhabra.

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