What is Wordpad? How to use it, and its features in 2023

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What is Wordpad: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. Today in this post, I am going to give you information.

About WordPad, you must have probably heard about it. It is taught in basic computer.

We do not have to put it on the computer from outside. It comes as soon as the computer’s operating system is updated. This is absolutely free application.

Which is completely different from Microsoft Word. With its help, we can do typewriting work on the computer. So let’s know the complete information about it.

What is Microsoft Office?

What is Programming?

What is Internet?

What is Wordpad?

Wordpad is application software. Which is made by Microsoft itself. Can be used as a notepad and with more features. It is also called a word processor.

It was developed by Microsoft for Windows 95 and Windows 7. Because it has better work progress than Notepad. It is more organized software than Notepad.

But it does not have various advanced tools like Microsoft Word. And it doesn’t have many features either. If you just want to generate a normal document in it. so you can.

Which also has good features for preparing documents in it. In this, we can write letters and make notes.

Features of WordPad

  • Can use Wordpad as notepad
  • Wordpad has more features than Notepad
  • WordPad Has Fewer Features Than Microsoft Word
  • In this, we can prepare the letter
  • It has a good formatting option
  • It has italic, board, and formatting options.
  • Comes with an operating system.
  • World pad is called pre-installed software
  • It works with every operating system

Important Functions in WordPad

1. Wordpad main button

This is its main button. It contains its full menu. Many options are given here. For example, commands are given to open a new document, save, to print. With this, here we can use shortcuts. To open the file, close, save, and print simultaneously.

2. Quick Access Toolbar

It has some special types of options. Which are made by Microsoft. Like text editors are given in the program. Buttons like Print, Text, etc. are already present in the Quick Access Toolbar. We can make some access any access. And easily we can use them as quickly as possible.

3. Title Bar

The file we are creating is in the title bar. His name appears. When we save the file. Then we would have named it. That is what appears. Which we can write in the form of a document. And save the file with the name. The same title is visible after opening it outside.

4. Ruler bar

It is above a text area. How much is the margin on the page through this? comes to know about him. By creating the document, we get to know about it. The page margins are managed before or after the document is created. It happens on both sides of the page. Where do we type text?

5. Status bar

It is at the bottom of the tax area. It has a button. Which is Zoom. With the help of this, we can zoom more and less on the page. It is located on the right side of WordPad.

Menubar option

1. Clipboard

Under this option, we get the option to copy, paste and cut. From here we can copy the tax. You can cut it completely and paste it in another place. The options are inside the clipboard. After that, there is another option.

2. Front

Under the front option, we get all the formatting options. Here we have the options of the format of the text, its size, bold, italic, underline, text, color texture background color, etc. in front and formatting.

3. Paragraphing

Under this option we get alignment. Indent is found. Through which we can start the text from the right and left in the middle. And with this, you can increase the space between the text.

4. Insert

In this option, we get the option to insert a photo, drawing, date and time, or object. Which is what we are typing on our report page. can make it attractive.

5. Editing

we get the options of Find, Replace, and Selection. Through which we have to find a word. So you can find it. Instead, you can substitute another word. and can select. All these are in the editing option.

Why do we use WordPad?

  • We use Wordpad to create documents
  • Along with this, its interface is very easy and can be used by everyone.
  • It has all the editing options, so we use it
  • It has more features than Notepad like bringing pictures, to install. and to design.

How to open Wordpad

There are many different ways to open coat paint. We use some of those methods. like

Wordpad can be opened through the search bar. For this, we have to go to search outside and type Wordpad. And press enter.

You can also use the shortcut method. For this, we have to give the command. ‘Win+R’ Then you will see the Dialogue Box Then Type ‘write’ & Enter.

You can open WordPad in both the ways mentioned above. Because it is very easy. If you want to know more about this. To subscribe to our website. Do bookmarking and keep getting updates on the latest posts.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is WordPad? How can I use it?

WordPad is a straightforward text-editing program that you can use to make and modify documents, add text in a variety of fonts and colors, include images, and link to other files.

2. What is WordPad different from Word?

Microsoft created the word processing program known as Microsoft Word. Microsoft created WordPad, a straightforward text editor and word processor.

3. What is Class 2 WordPad?

A computer program called WordPad is used to type text.

4. What does WordPad mean in simple terms?

What Exactly Is WordPad? Since Windows 95, every version of Microsoft’s operating system has included WordPad as a rudimentary word processor. Documents can be created and modified with it.

5. What are WordPad’s three key features?

Text can be formatted and printed with WordPad, including text that is bold, italicized, colored, and centered. Its benefits include low system resource utilization, ease of use, and quickness. You can type a character’s hexadecimal code point in Unicode, followed by Alt+X, to enter it into Wordpad if it is not on the keyboard.

6. What do Notepad and WordPad do?

It is a straightforward text editor or editing tool for Windows that enables users to create documents in it. 2. WordPad: This simple editing tool can be used to create documents such as letters, reports, notes, and more.


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