Lal Bahadur Shastri

Lal Bahadur Shastri The successful person in life is the one who takes the challenge.

To get something, you have to do something and that is hard work. You will not be successful without hard work. So take your work as a challenge. Just like we have to do this work, we have to do it no matter what happens.

Whatever the world says, no matter how many obstacles come in the way, we have to stick to our work and we have to complete it.

This challenge is to do your work. Like studies for a student, sports for a player, mountain climbing for a climber, etc.

As long as we do not decide to do the work in our life, that is, if we do not take the challenge, then we cannot complete that work.

Will make many excuses, find faults, and give reasons but will not. That’s why it is necessary to take the challenge. Only then will we be able to make our life.

There are many such great personalities who took challenges in their life and did something which was impossible.

For example – Napoleon achieved Fateh by climbing the Alps Mountains.

The Wright Brothers, Orville, and Wilbur invented the airplane on 17 December 1903.

There are many more such names who did their work like a challenge and got success. One of these names is Lal Bahadur Shastri, the second Prime Minister of India. Those who achieved their position through hard work and dedication in their life.

Lal Bahadur Shastri

Shastri Ji used to live in a very poor house. His father was a farmer. He used to feel very sad to see his father working in the field and he decided that we have to study and lead a good life.

One day when he was very young, he plucked flowers from a garden, so the gardener gave a lot of data. So he started crying, so the gardener explained to him that nothing should be taken without asking.

Since then he had vowed that ‘I will not take anything from anyone until I pay the price. One day his teacher gave him a task to do.

But he did not even have the money to buy the book, so after asking for the book from his classmate, he woke up one night and wrote the whole book and completed his task, and brought first place in the class.

When he went to school, he had to cross a river. So he used to cross the river with his clothes and bags on his head.

So that their clothes and bags do not get wet. Seeing this, one day a sailor asked him to come and sit in the boat. I will make you cross the river, I will not take anything from you.

But he flatly refused and said that I cannot sit in the boat without paying the price. which I do not have. In this way, Shastriji succeeded in his life by working hard and following the rules made by him, and becoming the Prime Minister.

One day when he was going somewhere, his wife said you are the prime minister, don’t wear torn kurtas. But Shastri Ji said that many people live like this in our country.

I am the son of the poor and when we remain like this only then we will be able to understand the pain of the poor.

Shastri Ji did not like VIP clothes at all. They used to wear normal clothes only. He used to make handkerchiefs out of his torn kurta and used to wear the torn kurta under the coat. Such was Shastri Ji who lived his life in deprivation. Shastri Ji was very sure of his charges.

In this way, Shastri Ji’s life gives us the message that we have to face every situation to be successful. Have to wake up in the dark of night. Every day and every night, you have to make efforts to fulfill your dreams.

Because those who make excuses get only as much as those who give up. Don’t let negativity dominate you. Work hard and get success. Those who work hard will not get success, then what is success for? Therefore it is said that-

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