PhotoScape Download for Free in 2024

PhotoScape Download is a free photo editing software that provides a variety of tools and features for users to enhance and manipulate their images.

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PhotoScape Download

It is developed by MOOII Tech, a Korean software company.

PhotoScape offers a user-friendly interface and a range of capabilities for tasks such as resizing, cropping, color adjustment, adding filters, and applying various special effects to photos.

1. Introduction to Photoscape: Photoscape is a versatile image-editing program designed for both Mac and PC users. It offers a range of features catering to beginners and intermediate users, with more advanced capabilities available in the Pro version.

2. Key Features of Photoscape:

  • Basic editing tools: Resize, crop, and adjust color, contrast, and saturation.
  • Advanced editing: Edit raw files for enhanced flexibility.
  • Creative tools: Generate GIFs, combine images, and create collages.

3. Language Settings: To change the language in Photoscape, navigate to the Preferences settings by clicking on the gearbox icon in the top right-hand corner of the interface. Adjust the language through the Language selector.

4. Image Cropping in Photoscape:

  • Open the Image Editor and click on the Edit icon.
  • Choose the Crop option.
  • Select a preset aspect ratio or manually draw one on the image.
  • Click the Crop button to apply the changes.

5. Adding Text to Images:

  • Click on the Insert icon and select the Text tool.
  • Initiate the placement of a text box, edit its contents, and set its position manually.
  • Adjust settings in the Text panel to achieve the desired text appearance.

6. Adding Watermarks in Photoscape:

  • For image watermarks, use the Insert and Image tools.
  • Adjust the transparency of the watermark with the Opacity slider.
  • For text watermarks, utilize the Text tool and adjust transparency using the opacity slider.

7. Creating Collages in Photoscape:

  • Click on the Collage menu item.
  • Select a layout for the collage.
  • Drag and drop images onto the collage layout from the file browser.
  • Export the completed collage by clicking on the Save button.

8. Commercial Nature of Photoscape: Photoscape is not open source; it is commercial software, and its source code is not available for download or modification. The Pro version offers additional advanced features beyond the basic program.

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