Top 5 cryptocurrencies in India

The top 5 cryptocurrencies in India, it is always changing. Because it is the Most Volatile CryptoCurrency.

Which keeps going up and down. Sometimes it jumps up to 10-30% in a single day.

What is Cryptocurrency?

What is a cryptocurrency, if it is said in simple language, then it is a digital currency? It is stored through Digital Computer System.

Actually, it is also called cryptocurrency. Because it is only one type of currency.
It is a type of digital asset. Which are used to buy and sell things.

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How many cryptocurrencies are listed on the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market?

As of January 2021, the cryptocurrency number is listed above about 4000 in the Cryptocurrency Exchange Market, and if we talk about CryptoCurrency trading i.e. daily trading, the number goes above 10,000.

Which are the Top 5 CryptoCurrency 2021 in India?

Talking about Best CryptoCurrency to invest in India, its rank keeps going up and down, if you see it next month, it must have changed.

It is in trend for now. Talking about the Best cryptocurrencies to invest in today, in today’s time you can see Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Binance. So let’s know which are the best 5 cryptocurrencies in India.


Not only in India, but in the world, if there would be any popular cryptocurrency, then it is Bitcoin. Let’s see what is bitcoin?

Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto in the year 2009.
Bitcoin CryptoCurrency It works based on Blockchain. Talking about the Bitcoin Market Cap, it is around 650.07 b.

If you look at the price of bitcoin today, then the price of 1 bitcoin is running near Rs 26,00,000 (July 7, 2021) according to Indian rupees. Talking about this, the 1 bitcoin price has come up to around 50,00,000 lakhs. If we talk about Bitcoin Historical Returns, then in a very short time a lot of returns have been given.

Talking about the future of bitcoin, no one can guess why it keeps going up and down, it is quite volatile.


If there will be any popular Cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, then it is Ethereum. It comes second after bitcoin. The technology on which it works is called Ethereum Blockchain.

It was invented by a person named Vitalik Buterin, he is a Canadian citizen. It has been launched in the year 2015.

Talking about Ethereum Market Cap 2021, it is more than about 250 Billion U.S.D. Talking about the Ethereum price, it is running around 1,82,000 Indian rupees (7 July 2021).

If you look at the Ethereum rate since 2015, it has given very good returns.

In between, there was a slight drop in the Ethereum price due to the news of the death of its founder. A lot of people are doing Ethereum price prediction.

That it is going to increase a lot, but when it comes to cryptocurrency, it can rise and fall very much at any time because it keeps going up and down much more than cryptocurrency news.


Its story is quite interesting, actually, this joke is a currency made on a mime in jest. Actually, it is based on Culture Trends so it is riskier in other respects. Let’s know what is Dogkine?

Dogecoin is also a CryptoCurrency like Bitcoin. Which was launched in 2013 by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus.

This cryptocurrency represents a dog breed Shiba Inu which became very popular on one of the memes. It works on a Peer-to-Peer basis. It is based on Litecoin CryptoCurrancy but now its market cap has exceeded that of Litecoin.

Talking about the Dogecoin price in India, it is running around Rs 18.

Talking about Dogecoin price prediction, it is based on a cultural trend, so it is not possible to guess it.
People who trust it are saying that soon its price should go up to 1 U.S.D.
Elon Musk keeps tweeting a lot on Twitter, so the Dogecoin price keeps going up and down quite a bit lately. It is believed that Elon Musk is holding Dogecoin. Elon Musk keeps on tweeting a lot about Bitcoin in between.


If you see, this is also a CryptoCurrency. But it works in a different way. It is Peer-to-Peer based. It takes very less time for its transaction, and its cost is also very less. If we talk about Bitcoin and other currencies. It works like other online payment systems.

It was made by Charlie Lee in the year 2011, which is made in Block Mining.
Talking about Litecoin’s Price In India, it is running at around 10,800 Indian rupees.

Talking about LiteCoin Market Cap, it is also above about 8.349B and if we talk about Litecoin Cryptocurrency Ranking, if we talk about the entire CryptoCurrency Market Cap, then it comes in the Top 5 Cryptocurrency in India.


If seen, it works based on an Open Network Payment Network. It actually works on a real-time and aggregate basis.

It works as a Real-Time Gross Settlement which works like NEFT. It is also known as Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTXP).

Ripple is a currency as well as a medium, XRP is a centralized Cryptocurrency developed by the company Ripple Labs, this year it was invented by Jed McCaleb in the year 2012.

Talking about its price, it is running around 51 Indian rupees in today’s time. Talking about Ripple Market Cap, it is now around $72 b.

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