How to Earn Money Online Using the Internet (Updated 2024)

How to Earn Money Online: Are you also searching on Google, for how to earn money online, then you are on the right website; Today we will learn so many ways to earn money online that you will be wowed.

Men or women all want to earn maximum money as soon as possible due to rising inflation so that their life can be better. With the advent of technology, many of our tasks have become easier. But do you know that you can earn money online too?

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How to earn money online?

Today we will tell you how to earn money online. By doing this you can earn money even sitting at home, apart from saving your time, there will be no pressure from any boss on you.

In this article, we will tell you in detail about the ways to earn money online. That too not one or two, more than 81 such ways by which you can earn with the help of mobile, laptop sitting at home.

To earn money online, you will need a mobile or laptop, a good net connection, presentation, and marketing skills.

So let’s start knowing about the ways to earn money, you can earn money through mobile apps, you can start your startup or business, and there are many other options like digital marketing, so let’s know in detail.

But to earn money online it is most important that you have skills. Because if you copy and paste any content from anywhere, then people will not like to see that thing of yours, people want original content, which can keep them tied to you.

Today’s era has turned into an era of competition. You should have the art of getting ahead of others, then only you can move forward.

There are many scams online too, so you need to be careful. You should have the art of identifying real and scams. You should be aware of all these things only then you can earn money online and dominate the online market.

1. Earn Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

Selling any product to your customer by promoting it is called Affiliate Marketing. To do affiliate marketing, you will need to join an affiliate program.

You get a commission on the products sold by you, from which you can earn a lot of money. For affiliate marketing, you do not have to invest in any kind, nor do you have the hassle of packaging and shipping your product.

Affiliate marketing is good in many ways, join the affiliate marketing program run by Amazon, and Flipkart and promote the product that people need. By copying the link of the product being promoted, you can sell it through your YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The more people who buy that product from your link, the more commission you will get.

Isn’t it quite fun you are getting to earn money at no cost? But it all depends on your creativity, and how you are able to convince people and force them to buy that product.

2. Make Money Online With Digital Marketing

Have any of us ever thought that digital marketing can also become popular? No, yes, in today’s time digital marketing has become very popular, everyone likes to shop digitally. So why don’t you take advantage of this opportunity?

You can do digital marketing and sell physical products through any app or website. For this, you have to promote your product.

Affiliate marketing is one way of digital marketing. You will need a little cost for digital marketing but if you keep working hard then you can earn money many times more than the cost. It totally depends on you how you take your business forward.

3. Earn Money Blogging

Each of us has some other story or something that we want to tell the world. If you also have any such story, tips, or anything that you want to reach people, then you can start your blog today.

To start a blog, you will need a domain and hosting. For that, you can register a domain using any domain registration site like Hostinger, Dreamhost, etc.

You can earn money by doing affiliate marketing through blogging. For blogging you must have the art of writing otherwise no one will like to read you. Another thing that is worth noting is that you have to be regular, that is, whatever post you put on your website, you should regularly post it.

You can earn money by advertising on your blog. For this, you have to place an ad on your page so that people visiting your site are attracted to it after seeing that ad so that the companies who promote it pay you money.

If your blog has become popular and you are established in the world of blogging, then you can sponsor a new blogger or any new people post. Sponsor is nothing, in this, you have to promote the post of others. Companies give you money from that promotion, from which you can earn money online.

4. Earn Money Online From Youtube

YouTube has become such a medium, without it our survival is not possible. If we want some information, then we immediately run to YouTube because there are many types of videos available which are very easy to understand. Which YouTube video creators explain very easily, that’s why it is popular.

YouTube ranks second among the most visited online companies after Google.

You can create a channel on YouTube as per your interest. If you like vlogging, then you can also do this, if you feel like art and craft, then you can open channels related to art and craft, there is no restriction of any kind here. Because there are all kinds of viewers on YouTube.

You can do affiliate marketing through YouTube videos, sponsor ads or promote a new channel. You get paid for all this.

One of the good things about YouTube is that along with increasing your subscribers, you also get paid for the views your videos get. If you do not want to do promotion or sponsorship then it is not right. The only mantra to be successful on YouTube is to have the art of presenting anything otherwise people will not like to see you.

If we talk about investment, then you have to make a little investment in making a YouTube channel because for this you need a camera, gear, laptop for editing tools, etc. But after a one-time investment, you can earn millions of months, it totally depends on you because your creativity sells on YouTube.

5. Earn Money Online With Link Shorting

Link Shorting is nothing but promoting it by shortening any link that was already available. Everyone wants to know what is happening around him. He wants to be connected to the world around him. For this, nothing can be a better medium than mobile because it gives you the opportunity to give the fastest news as well as to become the news.

To do Link Shorting, search any trending topic on Google and shorten the link of that page and the page which has the most engaging content, there are many websites for this.

  • Shrink earn
  • shorte. st

This is the website for all link shortening, if you are interested in it then definitely try it once. By shortening the link, you have to share it with your friends, relatives, and anywhere through which you are connected in the online world. By clicking on this link it redirects you to that page but there, first of all, the visitors see the ad from which you get paid.

6. Earn money online by Teaching

The form of education has also become widespread in the last few years. People have started liking online teaching a lot. If seen, it is very convenient.

You can teach any subject according to your ability. And instead, you can charge for the children studying.

Through online teaching, you can also teach children who are from far-flung areas. Where this course is not available. It is also convenient for you as there is no punctuality and you do not need to join any organization. You can do online teaching freely.

7. Earn money paid surveys

Paid surveys are a type of static survey where participants/members are rewarded through an incentive program.

This is a very convenient, safe, and easy way to earn money online. For this, you just have to follow the instructions given by them.

Online surveys are run by the company. Its job is to get their opinion about any product on the Internet from its consumers, how good that product is, and what they found missing in it. For which the company pays you.

But cases of fraud are also seen here, so we would suggest you join it after carefully reading its terms and conditions.

8. Earn Money From Reselling

These days the business of reselling is also very much in vogue. Through this people easily, sitting at home, online, earn several thousand a day. The work of reselling is very easy, for this you do not need any kind of cost, just one click and you can earn money.

For wrestling, you have to share the link of a product that people need, so that by following that link the customer can buy them and you can earn profit.

A mobile app named Meesho gives you the facility of reselling. This is a very popular app, through this you can sell any product. You get the product present here at the company’s price and you can sell it by adding your profits. You can read here how to earn money from Meesho App.

In reselling business, you stay away from the hassle of keeping the product and delivering it to the people. Because you sell the product directly available on the app or website. It is quite convenient if you are interested in business like reselling then you can definitely try it to earn money online.

9. Earn Money From Mobile Apps

Nowadays there are many such mobile apps available in the market. Through which you can earn money online sitting at home. You do not need to invest any money in this. And some apps even give you money in the form of cashback. So isn’t it funny?

Indiabulls is a loan and finance company. Where you get money instead of giving loans to people. You have to register yourself on Indibulls. And people will have to be motivated to take its loan. The more people who take loans through you, the more you will get money in the form of commission.

For this, you have to improve your communication skills because if your communication skills are not improved and people are not attracted to you then you may have to suffer it.

Dream11 You must have heard the name of dream11. And many such people of us must have used it too. But for those who do not know about it, let me tell you that dream11 is a gaming app, through which you can earn money.

Many types of games are available here. There are many tournaments here in which you have to buy his plans and invest money in his players. You can choose your players in any game, if your player wins, you get money in return.

Many matches are also free. You don’t need to put your money there. So choose your players and go on playing and keep winning.

10. Earn Money for Starting Startup

Do you also have a dream to start your own business? If you have a passion to do something and want to start your own startup. So starting an online startup can be a better option for you.

Because in an online startup you get a chance to connect with your customers globally. Due to this your scope increases, and you can make your startup boom even in remote areas.

To start a startup, you must understand the needs of your customers, what do your customers really want? Why should he pay you?

After this, you should work on raising your funding, from where you can get funds to start a startup. Anyone’s success depends on his team. That’s why you should also pay special attention to choosing your team. Note that you are only hiring quality people.

Always come to the market with new ideas, only then people will be attracted to you. If you have some new ideas, and funding and you have a team to support you then why not start your startup today and earn money online.

11. Earn Money From Software build

There is a dire need for useful software right now.

Whether it’s a critical consumer application, a specialist app to solve a particular problem, or even a time-wasting game you can play on your phone. If you build software that helps people, you can build a massively successful business.

Most of the software and apps you use regularly are made by large companies or established developed studios. But many successful apps, especially those in the Apple and Google stores, are created and marketed by individuals and small businesses. In fact, Independent Developers made $20 billion in the App Store in 2016 alone. There are two basic ways you can make money by making and selling software.

The first follows the startup path we outlined above: You have a disruptive idea for an app or software. And when you build and launch your software with customers’ ideas first, your software will be accepted in Apple and Google stores and you will earn money every time someone downloads it or pays for a premium feature.
Another (and cheaper) way is to have your design someone else develop it. By being able to bootstrap the development of your software, you can maintain ownership of your business and have more control over your path, which will make it less costly.
You can learn how to build software from reputed online learning platforms like Treehouse, CodeAcademy, and SkillCrush.

12. Earn Money From Freelance

If you have marketable skills like writing, designing, web development, marketing, and project management, then you can easily earn money through freelancing.

Freelancing means you can work independently with any of your skills. You are not restricted to working with any company or organization.

The other ideas we talked about are not as scalable as freelancing. It is normal for solopreneurs to set up healthy six-figure freelance businesses.

You can search for freelancing on Flexjobs, SolidGigs, Content, or any other blogging job sites, WordPress developer job sites, and many more skill-specific freelance job boards.

Here we have created a quick list to start freelancing so that it can be easy for you.

Set Your Goal: Do you want some extra income or do you want to do freelancing all the time? Developing an independent work-from-home business takes time,

so it’s important to know your goals from the start.
Choose a Profitable Niche: Where Are You Most Comfortable? What are your skills, values ​​, and interests? Do you have 10 years of experience as a technical writer?

  • Do you have long-standing PR relationships that will be invaluable in helping startups launch a successful crowdfunding campaign? Determine what makes you different from others. This quality draws the customer towards you.
  • Identify the target customer: Write down exactly what you want as your customer, and then research those companies to start building your list. Would you like your portfolio and bold email to align with the companies you are contacting?
  • Choose a Strategic Price: The $37.50/hour you earn on your day job doesn’t even come close to the hourly rate you’re required to charge once you’re self-employed. This infographic on calculating your freelance hourly rate can help you decide what to charge.
  • Pitch, cold email, and sign your first clients: Having decided everything, it’s time to go after the customers. Mention them in your content. Contact them by email or on LinkedIn. Show your pitch that you’re good at setting value.
  • All your hard work will be in vain if you do not have freelance contact. Therefore, pay special attention to making contact.

Remember your hard work will take time to pay off, so don’t lose patience.

13. Earn Money From Podcast

A podcast is an episodic series of spoken word digital audio files that the user can download to a personal device for easy listening.

Podcasts are very much in trend these days, as people do not find time to read due to their busy schedules. With the help of podcasts, this work is easily done. He can listen to podcasts anytime, anywhere, on the go, even sitting in the car.

Due to this, its market has become very big. You can easily earn money online by connecting with the audience.

To start a podcast, you have to host the podcast and launch your show. To launch a podcast show, you will need a recording mic and software.

The podcast market is constantly on the lookout for new, quality content. And luckily, for anyone trying to get started, it’s now easier than ever.

Starting a podcast, like creating a YouTube channel or blog, is like telling interesting stories. But your audience should stay connected with you till the end, there should be such quality.

To garner Audience or Guests You can use your existing social networks to reach people you already know or are connected to on Twitter or Facebook. You can also visit Medium or Amazon to find authors or experts on topics specific to your niche.

The last step is to decide how you will market and monetize your podcast. The more listeners you have, the more chances you have of earning from them. Choose the best website builder to build a simple site for your show and start sharing episodes on your network. There are a few options you can choose from when you are ready for monetization:

  • Traditional advertising (sponsors)
  • sell your product
  • Donations and crowdfunding
  • By selling “subscriber-only” content
  • via live shows
  • Now you are ready to launch your podcast show.

14. Earn Money to Start a Remote company

Most of the ideas we have mentioned so far for earning money online can be put aside. If you want to completely change your career and start working online then many companies are sitting to hire you who do not care about your location. You can work online from anywhere.

More and more companies and startups, in particular, are embracing remote working—using online collaboration and communication tools to get your work done from wherever you want. And you don’t need to be a 20-something hotshot designer or coder to reap the benefits of working remotely. Many remote positions are only for customer support positions or other customer-facing positions that do not require special skills.

If you are interested in this, then below is the list of some remote companies for you:-

  • Flexjobs
  • SolidGigs
  • We Work Remotely
  • Remotive
  • Skip the Drive
  • Virtual Locations
  • Remote OK
  • Working Nomads
  • Jobspresso
  • Europeremotely
  • Jobscribe
  • WFH.IO
  • outsource
  • PowerToFly
  • Landing.Jobs
  • AngelList
  • Authentic Jobs
  • The Muse
  • Idealist
  • Indeed
  • Of course, making money online takes more patience and effort. But there are many ways in which you don’t have to wait long to start your own startup or start your own freelance business. You can start earning money today.

15. Earn Money From Website Test 

You probably know very well what is a good website? Is the design clean and easy to navigate? Does the content make sense? Luckily, there are plenty of people out there who want to hear your thoughts. And they’ll pay you good money for it too (most sites pay ~$10 per 20 minutes, or ~$30 per hour!).

To test these websites, you can visit that site and record your reactions and thoughts. To start making extra money online by testing websites, you can sign up for some of the most popular services like, Userlytics, TryMyUI, Userfeel, or TestingTime (for people outside the US).

16. Earn Money to Start Audiobooks

The audiobook business is booming, yet only 5% of books are produced in audio formats. If you have an acting background, or if people have said you found a voice for radio, you can make extra money by recording audio versions of independent and popular books. Sites like ACX connect authors with audiobook performers. So, if you are an author looking for ways to sell your book, or an actor/voice looking to make extra money, you can sell your service online.

17. Earn Money to Write and Sell eBook

Many people have a wonderful art of writing. If someone reads once, he wants to read them again and again. If you also have such art, then you can write your book and get it published.

But wait, it is not like a traditional book. Because everything is available online, books have also started coming in the format of e-books which you can publish on Amazon.

With Amazon self-publication, you set the price, maintain the rights to your book, and gain access to Amazon’s readers. For every sale, you get 70%, the rest is charged by Amazon as a fee.

If you want to get started, check out Tara Gentile on CreativeLive as she shows you how to use your existing work to write an eBook within the next week. Who knows, you might write one of the best business books or blogging books of the year.

18. Freelance job sites

It may take time for you to build a personal freelance business. Still, the demand for freelancers is higher than ever. So, if you want to start making money online through freelancing, you can join one of the top freelance networks like Flexjobs, SolidGigs, Contena, Fiverr, or PeoplePerHour. Sign up, create your profile, upload some samples of your work and start earning extra money doing small freelance jobs.

Even if you already have experience or freelance clients, these networks can be a great way to increase your income and keep working without spending too much time on bad outreach.

19. Selling your service

If you are proficient in a specific area like marketing or designing software development, then there are also markets that only serve your needs. These are great options for making money online because you know that people coming to them are specifically looking for the skills you have.

There are sites like 99Designs or Dribbble for designers, Cloudpeeps for marketing and SEO professionals, and TopTal, Crew, or Gigster for high-level software developers.

Once you have built up your development skills, you can start building a brand for yourself as a high-value consultant. Brands can start charging for larger projects such as implementing entire WordPress security or migrating a website from HTTP to HTTPS.

20. Graphics Designing

Take a walk around your neighborhood or town and I’m sure you’ll see tons of great designs at a local business that amaze you.

However, with increasingly easy-to-use tools like Adobe Illustrator, Venngage, Stencil, and Visme, anyone with a creative mindset can start making money online by becoming a graphic designer for companies.

21. Selling Products on Shopify

If you are serious about earning money by selling things online, then Shopify is a must-visit.

The platform gives you everything you need to get your online store up and running in less than a day, including a custom domain, beautiful templates (so you don’t need any designing skills), secure payment options, and they’re a great way of marketing. Also can take care and shipping for you.

Whether you’re promoting your products, designs, or quadrating other products for people in your niche, Shopify is the best option for empowering your online store.

22. becoming an Influencer

Build followings on your Instagram account and you can quickly earn extra money online.

Major brands, gear companies, and even startups are willing to spend $500-$5,000+ per post to get in front of your audience.

Although building a massive Instagram audience is getting harder and harder, if you already have a solid space to take Instagram photos and are regularly posting quality posts with a great camera, a few small changes With this you can make yourself influential.

23. Local Business Consultant

If you’ve developed a valuable skill set or gained certifications in business before, offering your consultancy services to local business owners can be a lucrative way to earn money online.

If you’re a business strategist, expert marketer, or manufacturing aficionado, there’s a local dealer out there willing to pay you to help them solve their problem. You can also work as a consultant by doing your work online and publishing helpful content.

24. Selling stock photos

If you have a passion and talent for taking pictures then you can earn extra money online by becoming a stock photographer and selling your photos to a stock photo company like ShutterStock or iStockPhoto.

You get royalties every time someone licenses a photo you submit. To be truly successful, build your own photography website to showcase your portfolio and start receiving high-paying personal corporate jobs.

25. Online t-shirt business

Sometimes it becomes difficult to understand how much people adore T-shirts. With the right space, marketing, and tools, you can build an online T-shirt business that will always make you extra money. (Even Bloomberg and Forbes have stories of entrepreneurs who have done the same.)

Services like Teespring make it easier than ever to build a T-shirt drop-shipping business. While they handle the sales, printing, and shipping, you are only responsible for the design and marketing.

You can also buy well-established franchise businesses such as Rhea Lana that sell fashionable, affordable children’s clothing and enlist the support of an organization to boost your online sales.

26. Fitness trainer

If you like to stay fit, then you can also motivate people for this. And those who are looking for a personal fitness trainer for themselves then you can work for them too.

Or you can earn extra money online with the help of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or WhatsApp, or other platforms by becoming a fitness trainer independently.

27. Writing reviews of places

Nowadays everyone likes to invest in it before going anywhere, before buying any item, seeing its review, reads it. It seems that today’s world rests on reviews. So why not turn it into an opportunity.

You can earn money by writing reviews about anything. There are many sites out there to help you out like Vindale research, Software Judge, FameBit, CrowdTap, Influence Central, and Modern Mom. On these, you can start writing by creating your account.

Writing reviews is not a guaranteed source of any big income and you should be sure whether it is worth your time.

38. Doing data entry

If you are determined to detail and your typing skills are very sharp, then you can make money online by entering data for companies.

Simply search for “Data Entry” jobs in places like Craigslist, Indeed, or Upwork. This can also be your additional source of income.

39. Selling teaching plans to new teachers

Being a new teacher can be an exhausting experience. This is why many people want to buy your old learning plans so that they don’t feel uncomfortable in front of their first class.

If you are a teacher, you can make money online through a site like Teachers Pay Teachers, which lets you buy and sell your original learning materials.

30. Earn Money Buying And Selling Domain Names

Domain names have been in trend for the past few decades, and most slam-dunk names have been sold out a long time ago. There are still plenty of domains that one can use as a way to make money online for a relatively cheap broker.

Be careful before you buy it, some experts doubt the long-term viability of this idea to make money online. However, there is always the possibility that you could end up buying an attractive domain name for a billion-dollar company in the future.

31. Earn Money by Becoming a data analyst

Lots of companies pay talented contractors who are good at data analysis. This makes it an attractive way to earn money online if you have the credentials and experience.

There are many platforms like Flexjobs and TopTal which are good for freelancers with analytical skills.

32. Earn Money From Video Editing

The popularity of the video is growing like wildfire. And more and more people are looking for professionals to make their raw footage viral-worthy content.

If you have the right software and a little bit of skill, you can easily make money as a video editor.

One can search for Video Editor jobs at or ProductionHub.

33. Earn Money by Becoming a Marketing Consultant

If you have the skills like marketing, and SEO, to get people excited about the products and services used by the public, then you can make money online as a marketing consultant for the small business in your area.

Especially if you can become a local SEO expert and help local customers to rank high in their search results.

34. Earn Money From Adsense

Adsense is a program designed for advertising. With this, ads are automatically displayed on your website. You get money when the user visits the ad.

If you are a YouTuber and upload videos regularly on YouTube then you can earn money through Adsense. Both YouTube and Adsense are operated through Google. You can monetize your videos through Adsense, which increases your income.

According to the policy of Youtube, if you have completed 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, then you can monetize ads on your video.

35. Earn Money From Sponsoring the video

If you are an established channel on YouTube, and a popular face in the Internet world, many new companies pay you to review their products.

You have to work a little hard for sponsorship. You have to take your channel to every person’s mobile phone. As your popularity increases, companies contact you, for their promotion. You can promote them at the beginning or end of the video. This is a great source of your income.

36. Earn Money From Advertising

All the companies present in the market want to promote themselves. For this, she looks for someone who can make ads for them. Which they can display on other websites through AdSense, sponsorship.

This could be a great opportunity for you. If you are creative-minded and have some software knowledge, then you can advertise for them by making digital brochures, ads, etc. In return, the company pays you.

37. Earn Money From Facebook

To earn money from Facebook, you must have an account on Facebook. If you have an account, you can join the Watch program on Facebook.

The Facebook Watch program is a feature of Facebook itself, through which you can upload any of your videos to Facebook. And monetize the uploaded video and earn money from it.

According to Facebook’s watch policy, you must have more than 10,000 followers, as well as all the videos you upload must have more than 30,000 views in the last 60 days. If your video is viewed for more than 1 minute, only then it is kept in the category of monetizing.

One thing to keep in mind with uploading videos is that your video should not be more than 3 minutes long, otherwise it will not be able to be monetized.

38. Earn Money From Flipkart

Flipkart is an e-commerce website, through which you can buy the goods of your needs from them. Have you ever wondered whether Flipkart takes money from us, can we earn money from it? So let me tell you that you can earn a lot of money through Flipkart.

Flipkart is not a manufacturer, many companies and sellers sell their products on it. You can also earn money from them by becoming a Flipkart seller.

If you have a small business or make handicrafts things, then you can easily sell them on Flipkart.

To become a Flipkart seller, you need a seller account. By going to Flipkart, you fill out its seller form and create your account. Once your account is created, Flipkart verifies it. After this, you can send the list of your goods to him.

As soon as someone orders your goods, Flipkart forwards them to you immediately. All you need to do is pack and ship it on time.

Apart from this, you can also earn money from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves sharing the link of the product on Flipkart. The more people buy the product through that link, the more money you get in the form of commission. You can join Flipkart’s Affiliate Program on Flipkart. There is no limit to earning money from this, share as many links as you want in a day and earn money.

39. Earn Money From Instagram

Instagram has become quite popular among the youth. But do you know that apart from sharing photos, videos, and reels on it, you can also earn money from it? If not then we are telling you how to earn money from Instagram.

There are many ways to earn money from Instagram – Earn money by promoting a page, you can earn a good amount by becoming an Instagram account manager, if you are a good photographer, you take good pictures, then you can also use it in your water. Sell with Mark, you can also sell any product by creating your page on Instagram, and you can also promote any brand from which you can earn a good income.

Also, do affiliate marketing through Instagram. You have to share its link on Instagram so that your followers can follow that link and buy the product.

40. Earn From Telegram

You can earn money from Telegram like other social media platforms. If you do not know how to earn money from Telegram, then definitely read this because after this you will definitely want to give it a try to earn money from Telegram.

By selling ads: You can sell ads on the channel Telegram through which you get money. You can sell any brand ad or cross-promote any other channel.
Through donations: If you are a content creator who creates content for free, then you can monetize your content by selling ads.
By Paid Post: Posting trees is very similar to selling ads. You can post jobs with the help of niche job boards on Telegram. Pay you for this.
There are many other ways through which you can earn money like link shortening, and fundraising. It totally depends on your creativity.

41. Fiverr website

To earn money from Fiverr, you have to register on its website, after registering, you can sell any of your skills there.

Here the gig term is used for each cell. You are paid $5 when a gig user buys your gig. Fiverr keeps 20% of the income as commission.

Working on Fiverr is easy. And the chances of getting clients for your skills are also high. You can try Fiverr today.

42. Selling Digital Paintings

With everything becoming digital, the field of painting has also not remained untouched by it. Paintings have also started becoming digital now. People like digital illustration, and painting freehand art very much.

If you have an interest in these areas, and you have the art – to make great pictures, and a little bit of software knowledge, then you can definitely create a digital painting. You can sell it on any social site or create your website for a fixed amount.

43. Writing Whatsapp Status

This may sound quite funny to read. Many of us keep changing our WhatsApp status, which makes them laugh a lot.

But do you know that writing WhatsApp status in a professional way can become a source of income for you? For this, you have to install the official WhatsApp Status app of WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

On this, you upload by writing status for WhatsApp, in return for which the company of WhatsApp gives you money.

But keep in mind that your content should be original, only then people will also like to read it, and will also be approved by WhatsApp. Otherwise, it will be rejected. If you are fond of writing then start writing WhatsApp status today and earn money.

44. Through paid promotion

The only reason to buy any product or attract any company is its promotion. The better the promotion is done, the more time that thing remains in the mind of the people.

Many companies available in the market rely on established faces in the online industry to promote themselves and their products.

You too can earn money by promoting any company or product, for this, you have to first establish yourself in the world of the internet and become a big face. Only after this a company will contact you and ask you to promote it. In return, she gives you money. Little effort and an additional source of income. Why isn’t it funny?

Apart from these methods, there are many ways by which you can earn money online. Making money online completely depends on you. The more creative you are, the more presentation skills you have, and the more money you can make. There is no restriction to earning money here, you can earn a hundred a day and play in lakhs also.

45. By writing Whatsapp Status

This may sound quite funny to read. Many of us keep changing our WhatsApp status, which makes them laugh a lot.

But do you know that writing WhatsApp status in a professional way can become a source of income for you? For this, you have to install the official WhatsApp Status app of WhatsApp from Google Play Store.

On this, you upload by writing status for WhatsApp, in return for which the company of WhatsApp gives you money.

But keep in mind that your content should be original, only then people will also like to read it and will also be approved by WhatsApp. Otherwise, it will be rejected. If you are fond of writing then start writing WhatsApp status today and earn money.

46. Through paid promotion

The only reason to buy any product or attract any company is its promotion. The better the promotion is done, the more time that thing remains in the mind of the people.

Many companies available in the market rely on established faces in the online industry to promote themselves and their products.

You too can earn money by promoting any company or product, for this, you have to first establish yourself in the world of the internet and become a big face. Only after this a company will contact you and ask you to promote it. In return, she gives you money. Little effort and an additional source of income. Why isn’t it funny?

Apart from these methods, there are many ways by which you can earn money online. Making money online completely depends on you. The more creative you are, the more presentation skills you have, and the more money you can make. There is no restriction to earning money here, you can earn a hundred a day and play in lakhs also.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do we have to pay any fee to earn money online?

The answer is both yes and no. There are many such apps and websites where you have to pay along with registering, in the form of a registration fee. But many websites and apps are also free. You can use them to earn money online if you want to earn free money.

How to earn money online?

There are many ways to earn money online. And it totally depends on you how you want to earn money online, in which areas you are interested, and in which field you have mastery. So that you can satisfy your customers by answering them properly.

In this article, we have told about many ways to earn money online. Do read it to know the methods in detail.

How much money can be earned online in one go?

Another good thing about earning money online is that you have no limit on it. You can earn as much money as you want in a day. Earning money online depends on your skills and how sincerely you work towards it and how much time you spend on it also plays an important role.

What are the things needed to earn money online?

The first thing you need for this is the capability and customer demand. Apart from this, it is necessary to have a mobile / laptop, net connection, and market understanding. You also need to be patient

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