How to start Investing in Motilal Oswal in 2024

How to start Investing What is Motilal Oswal Financial Services, and how does it work?

How to start Investing

Can you double your money by investing your money in these Financial Services?

You will find answers to some similar questions in our today’s post, so let’s know. What is Motilal Oswal?

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What is Motilal Oswal?

Motilal Oswal is an Indian businessman, and he is the Chairman and Managing Director of Motilal Oswal Financial Services ltd (MOFSL).

Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited (MOFSL) was established by Motilal Oswal and Raamdeo Agarwal in 1987 as Broking House.

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What does Motilal Oswal Company do?

It is one of the Full-Service Stock Brokers in India. Which is known for its trading applications, portfolio management services, and fast customer support. At the same time, you can also take advantage of trading in forex.

The company entered to invest in the bank in 2005. Then that entered Private Equity Funds in 2006 and also Tied up with the State Bank of India in the same year.

In 2007 Punjab National Bank and in 2013 Axis Bank offered online trading offers to their customers in Motilal Oswal Company.

In 2010, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited established a Mutual Fund business under the name Motilal Oswal Asset Management Company (MOAMC).

And on 2013, Motilal Oswal Financial Services Limited laid the foundation stone of Aspire Home Finance Corporation Limited (AHFCL). In which
The company provides loans for homes, construction, overall, improvement, and expansion in India.

What services does Motilal Oswal Financial Company also provide?

Trading and Investing are permitted in Motilal Oswal Company including various financial instruments, which include:-

  • stock market investment
  • money management
  • Retail Broking and Distribution
  • home loans
  • commodity investment
  • currency investment
  • institutional broking
  • banking investment
  • asset Management
  • IPO
  • mutual fund investment

How to do Trading in Motilal Oswal?

People in India have always been in doubt about investing in shares or equities.
Whereas most of you like to buy gold, silver, or land. Because their value can always increase in the future.

But you can invest your money in Motilal Oswal Financial Services Company through Demat Account.

You can buy and sell shares here at a reasonable level of profit.
You can take the help of a Broker to help you trade in the initial days.

Once you become a complete expert in buying and selling shares. So you can try dabbling in the stock market on your own.

But to do trading, first, you must have a Demat account.
This company gives you by opening a Demat Account.

Documents Required for Demat Account Opening

The documents required to open a Demat account are given below.

  • ID Proof:- Aadhar Card / Voter ID Card
  • Address Proof:- Passport / Driving License
  • pan card
  • Bank Account Passbook / Check Book
  • passport size photo
  • Bank statement/salary slip

Benefits of Motilal Oswal:-

  • You can choose an investment plan as per your needs.
  • More than 20 years of experience in investing in the share market.
  • Investment in all segments is possible due to all-time service.
  • Good and High-Tech Investing Platform.
  • good customer service
  • Fund transfer facility is applicable from maximum all banks.
  • Free Stock Research & Advice

Platforms to Invest in Motilal Oswal:-

Following are many ways to invest in Motilal Oswal, using which you can do trading very easily.

1. Website:-

By logging on to the official website of Motilal Oswal, you can do trading very easily, You can watch Live Market and can also see the chart in it, and can also invest in Mutual Fund from here.

2. Mobile Application: –

In this you can watch Live Market by downloading Motilal Oswal’s application on your mobile, It makes fund transfer easy for you, and along with this you can also invest in Mutual Funds.

3. Smart Watch Application: –

This application is very beneficial for you, With this, you can keep the news of the market moment by moment. You can stay connected with all the alerts and news of the share market at all times, it will keep updating the fluctuations of your shares from time to time.

4. Computer Trading Software:-

You have to install this on your computer.
It will tell you the quickest and most accurate stock market figures, it keeps refreshing every second and gives a 20 times margin facility and it also includes more than 30 thousand research reports.

5. By calling from the phone: –

Even though it is not a specialized investment platform. But you can buy shares from here.

This is also a share market platform where you do not need the internet for investment and there are many people who like to invest in old offline ways. Full call and business features are free.

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