Social Media Platforms : Facebook, Youtube in 2024

Social Media Platforms: Hello, friends today we are going to talk. Facebook, Youtube & Instagram in 2024

Before this, I want to tell you about social media platforms. That in this post, I will give you all the social media websites I have ever seen.

I will give information about all of them. Because of all the social media platforms, I have used. There is probably more social media website than that.

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First of all, I am going to give you a complete list of social media websites. According to that, I will tell you the complete information further.

Tik TokSnapchatUpstream
WeChat Skype Xing
Gaia OnlineMyspaceVK
We Heart ItMixFoursquare
RumbleThe DotsTaringa
Open DiaryFilmAffinityVimeo
Funny or DieFriendsterSkyrock

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Social Media Platforms

1. Facebook

The first name in social media is the most popular platform in the world. His name is Facebook. Which is an American multinational technology company.

It was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Today this world is sitting in its grasp. Because most of the people you will find on Facebook. That’s why it comes first.

How many people around the world are on Facebook? Within 24 hours, on average, you will have to open Facebook three times. This is just an estimate.

Its data was not collected. But if I speak for myself, I must have opened Facebook 24 times in 24 hours. On Facebook, we can create a page group.

In which we can keep videos, photos, and articles. We do not have to pay any kind of money on Facebook. This is absolutely free platform. That’s why so many people bother about it.

2. YouTube

YouTube is an amazing social media platform. In this, we can make a video and put it. Most people like to watch videos. That’s why YouTube is the largest video-sharing social media platform.

In this, more than a billion people come in a month. It is an American online video-sharing platform. Which is absolutely free. It is operated under the supervision of Google.

It was made by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim in the year of February 2005. This is the second most popular website. Which billion people come in a month. Its headquarter is in the United States of California.

3. Instagram

Everyone is enjoying social media by creating their own account. It is also an American social media photo and video-sharing network.

Its founder Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger Is. It was taken over by Facebook in April 2012 by paying one billion dollars in more stock.

Instagram was launched on 6 October 2010. It is currently owned by Facebook. And it is the largest social media platform for short video and photo sharing.

4. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a social media platform. We use WhatsApp as a messenger. And in this voice call video calls, etc. are also done. Facebook is running it now.

Through this, we can share audio videos and photos. In this also a group is created and group calls can also be made. It can be run on both computer and mobile.

WhatsApp was released 12 years ago in January 2009, it is so popular now. That everyone installs and uses it. It is mostly used in business.

5. Messenger

If you have heard the name Facebook, then you must have also heard the name of Facebook Messenger. Facebook Messenger is also a social media platform.

Made by Facebook. It was launched on Facebook in 2008. After that, it is giving regular service. Through this also we can do video call audio call video sharing and group calling. It is available in 111 languages.

6. Tik Tok

Tell the heartbeat of the TikTok world or the moment of his life, TikTok is the most active in social media at the moment. Millions of people make Tik Tok in a day.

It is made by a Chinese company. But there is only one man who developed it. It is also a video-sharing platform. Who makes short videos, in this, we can make videos like comedy education dance, etc.

It was released in 2016 September. And it is used in 40 languages ​​now. This has been updated on August 20, 2021.

7. Quora

You must have heard the name of blank social media. Most bloggers use it. Because it is an educational platform. People come here to get their questions answered.

Whether the child is old or young. Here the answer to every question and the question of every answer is found. It is also located in the US California.

It was released on 25 June 2009 and brought the score to the website on 21 June 2010, it is also available in different languages, till 2019 it used to employ 200 to 300 employees, and now probably more will have been employed in its headquarter. Located in the United States of California, it was created by Adam D’Angelo, and Charlie Cheever.

8. Twitter

Everyone runs Twitter, you all must have heard its name. Twitter is also an American social media network. It is tweeted. Inside which you can tweet photo content videos etc.

It was released on March 21, 2006. Its headquarter is also in the California United States. Its founder is Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass.

9. Telegram

Telegram is also a social media platform. It is also an instant message-sharing platform. In this also audio-video calls and chatting are done. In this, we can share photo files, etc.

It was launched on 14 August 2013. Was gone and it came in Android mobile in October 2013, it can also be run both online and in the application. It is also available in different languages ​​like English Spanish and more.

Frequently asked questions

1. what is social media?

Social media is an online platform. Where people communicate with each other. You can share your feelings and idea knowledge.

Can talk to loved ones, can make video calls, and audio calls. Through social media, people can sit and talk millions of miles away. Social media is one such platform.

that holds people together. So far, many new platforms have come out of it. Some of them are popular which have been mentioned above.

2. Most popular social media list

  • Facebook
  • youtube
  • twitter
  • telegram
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram
  • Whatsapp


So, friends, I gave you a list of many popular platforms and new platforms. So you must have got information about social media from here. If you have little information.

So we will keep updating it. If I gave you good information about social media. So please comment on this post of ours. and share with your friend thanks

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