Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers US in 2024

Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers US: Who is the most famous YouTuber in the USA? Get the total refreshed rundown of the most famous YouTubers in the United States in 2023 with their endorsers.

This monstrous development of the stage has prompted the introduction of a pristine age of superstars who have surfaced just by utilizing YouTube to make followership.

Here we have shared a total of detailed data about the top ten most famous YouTubers in the United States with their endorsers in 2022. Remain interface with us, and get all the most recent updates from TimeTips.

Top 10 Most Popular YouTubers US

YouTube was the most well-known stage to watch recordings and films. There were lots of YouTubers who have transferred different recordings on YouTube and individuals like to watch them. Here we have shared a total rundown of the top 10 most well-known YouTubers in the United States.

1. PewDiePie

Pewdiepie head shot

Complete Subscribers on YouTube: 111 Million +

Felix Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish gamer and YouTuber with one of the most famous YouTubers in the United States. He began his YouTube divert in 2010, posting interactivity videos. Multiple times recently, in 2013, his feed came the most bought YouTube channel.

By and by, however presently not the channel with the most endorsers, PewDiePie drives the rundown of individual generators on YouTube with the biggest number of supporters.

2. MrBeast


Complete Subscribers on YouTube: 95 Million +

North Carolina local Jimmy Donaldson began making YouTube content when he was multiple times old. After a few times of attempting to draw in followership, Donaldson in the end hit his sweet spot. These days Mrbeast is one of the most well-known YouTubers in the United States 2022.

His after satisfied involved greater numbers, including opening a car showroom that gave down free vehicles. Furthermore, a portion of his recordings, comparable as ” I Bestowed $ to Ninja” and ” Saying Logan Paul Times” for sure fuse other top YouTubers on this rundown.

Try not to confuse this with an absolute rundown of YouTube gifts. These are only large numbers of the top substance generators you’ll find on the stage.

3. Dude Perfect

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All out Subscribers on YouTube: 57.5 Million +

Fella Perfect is an American YouTube channel that is made by five people named Coby and Cory Cotton ( parts), Garrett Hilbert, Cody Jones, and Tyler Toney, every one of whom were previous high foundation b-ball players and chamber flatmates at Texas A&M University. With farther than 57 million supporters.

It remains on the substitute spot of the top YouTubers in America. They divert grandstand content in the request for sports diversion. Their most famous substance portrays brilliant stunt shots and numbers sliced together and set to cheery music.

4. Jenna Marbles

RISE Jenna Marbles 01 %28cropped%29

Complete Subscribers on YouTube: 20 Million +

Jenna Nicole Mourey more known by her nom de plume Jenna Marbles is an American YouTube character, vlogger, comedian, and entertainer. She transfers another tape to her YouTube channel each Wednesday or Thursday. Neena is likewise the most well-known YouTuber in the United States with 20m+ endorsers. She’s viewed as a pilgrim for ladies on YouTube.

With farther than 20 Millions endorsers, she remains in the 6th spot of the top YouTubers in America. However suckers noway know what they’re going to observe when they tune into her channel consistently, Marbles’ enticing quality and adorably abnormal character have raised her a devout fanbase.

Her YouTube notoriety has given her an event to be projected in a fair quantum of lower-end independent movies, for the most part showing up as herself. Following her first popular tape, Marbles secured herself as one of the primary generators to become famous on the stage. Her prosperity relies upon numerous variables yet, at last, reduces to one thing realness.

Notwithstanding having been on YouTube multiple times, Jenna Marble’s videos noway emit this demeanor of pomposity that comes on with a matured YouTuber changing their substance to fit with the times. Regardless of whether you like her substance, she has without a doubt set up a good foundation for herself as a YouTube character who merits regard.

5. Logan Paul

Absolute Subscribers on YouTube: 23.4 Millions+

1200px Logan Paul %2848086619418%29

In the rundown of most famous YouTubers in the United States Logan Paul is one of them. The previous Vine star and mature group of Jake Paul have more than 16 million devotees on his specific YouTube account, where he posts video blogs and reaction videos.

Paul attracted a vicious audit in January for rephotographing the body of a man swinging from a tree in Japan’s Aokigahara wood.

YouTube pulled out a portion of its sponsorship of Paul right after the contestation by eliminating him from Google Preferred and requiring his YouTube unique frameworks to be postponed.

6. Ninja

Complete Subscribers on YouTube: 23.9 Millions+

Another most well-known YouTuber in the United States was Tyler Blevins, his supporters know him as Ninja. He’s an expert gamer who raised his distinction by seriously messing around comparable to Halo 3 and Fortnite. He used to stream his substance on Twitch, prior to moving over to Microsoft’s Mixer administration in 2019.

Most extreme of his channel’s most well-known videos include Fortnite, and Ninja for sure had a restricted release character skin in the real game.

7. David Dobrik

Complete Subscribers on YouTube: 18.2 Millions+

DavidDobrikAMMF2019 %28cropped%29

Slovakia-conceived David Dobrik lives in America and is a genuinely well-known online entertainment character. His amusing videos on YouTube are a seething megahit, particularly among youngsters and adolescents and his devotees are millions.

He initially acquired acknowledgment as a youngster through six-substitute tape cuts on the now-old online entertainment application Vine.

8. Lele Pons

Absolute Subscribers on YouTube: 17.8 Millions+


Lele Pons is one of the various web stars who began their outing on the now-outdated assistance, Vine. In the wake of getting the principal individual to arrive at one billion circles on Vine, Pons began raying out and made improv shows for YouTube.

She has since involved her stylishness to set up a good foundation for herself in the standard amusement assiduity, showing up in flicks and Television series.

9. Liza Koshy

Absolute Subscribers on YouTube: 17.4 Millions+


Liza Koshy fills in as an easing to various online entertainment stars and YouTubers as she proceeded to come to an entertainer and Television subsequent to beginning her vocation on Vine.

She to be sure placed an Emmy designation for facilitating a game show called Double Dare. In 2019, she was named in Time magazine’s 25 Utmost Influential People on the Internet list.

10. Smosh

All out Subscribers on YouTube: 25.1 Millions+

smosh color14.0.1484607807

The last however not the most un-well known YouTuber in the United States was Smosh. It was begun with satirical support by Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, and the channel was one of the principal YouTube sensations. The channel is known for its bright composed portrayals and parody series subordinates. It’s since ventured into different channels dedicated to tape games and Spanish language content.

Smosh has been dynamic starting around 2002 and has developed broadly since moreover. One of the creators, Anthony Padilla, left the divert in June 2017.

Smosh has extended past Hecox to incorporate different characters that have the channel’s series and show up on Smosh’s inference channels.

The Smosh brand was obtained in mid-2019 by Fabulous Entertainment, an organization moved by YouTubers, Rhett and Link.

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