What is Artificial Intelligence in 2024

What is artificial intelligence: You must have heard about Artificial Intelligence, and nowadays

All of you are using it on your smartphone in the form of software like Google Maps, and Google Assistant. Man is the only one in this whole universe.

One who has a brain and can use it properly. Where has man reached today because of his mind?

Humans have invented computers, smartphones, etc., and many more things because of their brains. Due to this, our life has got a new direction.

Today man has made so much progress in the field of technology. Now he is thinking of creating a moving machine that can think, understand and use his mind in the same way.

The machine made from this advanced technology is called Artificial Intelligence. People don’t know much about it. So today I will tell you about it, what is it. Where is it used, and what are its disadvantages and advantages?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Here it means something created by a person, and intelligence means intelligence. It is also called AI. It is a branch of computer science. Who develops such machines? who can think and act like a human

Artificial Intelligence

When we prepare a computer in this way. So that they can work like human intelligence, then it is called artificial intelligence. This means when we set such programs in any machine.

The power of intelligence increases automatically inside humans. We are able to think by looking at something, touching it, etc. That’s how we should deal with that thing. In the same way, a kind of intelligence is made inside the computer as well. Through which the computer system is prepared. It works in the same way. Just like the human brain works.

Some scientists in computer science had put the concept of artificial intelligence in front of the world, in which they told. That a plan is being made to make such software with the help of AI. Who can think in the same way as the human mind thinks, and understands? This is the reason why so much emphasis is being given to Artificial Intelligence today. Because it saves a lot of time.

AI is also known as machine learning in computer science. It gives the ability system to learn from its own experience and improve itself further. Machine learning places more emphasis on developing computer programs that can automatically access any data and learn on their own, just as humans improve their ability to perform tasks from their experience. In the same way, machine learning also works in AI programs. In today’s time, Python programming language is being used the most for artificial and machine learning.

Who Started Artificial Intelligence

When man was discovering the real power of the computer. Then man was compelled to think about whether machines can also work like humans. The development of Artificial Intelligence started from this question. There was only one purpose behind making this. that a machine be made that is as intelligent as humans, and can work like humans

Who Started Artificial Intelligence

The term artificial intelligence was first used in 1955 by John McCarthy. He was an American computer science scientist. Who first told about it in 1956 in a conference. That is why he is also called the father of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is not a new topic. This is being discussed all over the world for many years.

Today many films have also been made with the help of artificial intelligence. Such as Robot, Matrix, and Terminator, etc. in which it was shown. That’s how a robot thinks and acts like humans.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • With the help of it, your mistakes are reduced, and your ability to work becomes even better.
  • With the help of it, you are able to take any decision quickly, and get the work done quickly.
  • You can work for a longer time with machines, whereas if you look at humans, then they need rest after a time.
  • With the help of artificial intelligence, there can be a big change in communication, defense, health, etc.

The disadvantage of Artificial Intelligence

  • It is said about artificial intelligence that after its arrival, the most damage will be done by humans.
  • In the coming time, machines will work in place of humans and they will do any work by their own decision. Which is not a good thing for humans. If all this is not controlled, then it can be a danger to humans.
  • A lot of costs are required to make a machine of artificial intelligence because these machines are very complex.
  • There is no doubt that with the advent of artificial intelligence, jobs are decreasing. Due to this the problem of unemployment is going to increase even more in the future.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

In today’s time, the popularity of Artificial Intelligence is increasing very fast and today it has become such a field. Which is being discussed a lot in the areas of business as well as technology. Many experts even believe so. That artificial intelligence is our future. But if we look around us, we will know. That this is not our future, it is our present.

Today with the development of technology, we are associated with artificial intelligence in some way or the other. Today many companies are investing heavily in machine learning. Through this, many artificial products and many apps have been available to us today.

You must have seen Apple’s phone and must have heard about its most popular personal assistant Siri. This is the best example of AI. With this, you can do all those things. Which you used to do by typing on the Internet earlier. Such as sending messages, extracting information from the Internet, opening an application, etc. You can get the work done with Siri without touching the mobile.

Siri uses machine learning technology to understand your language and questions. However, it is only available on iPhones and iPad. Similarly, Alexa devices are Google Assistant for Windows Cortana and Android phones. Which are used to work like Siri.

Today Google uses Artificial Intelligence in many of its fields. But it is used the most in Google Maps. Google Maps tracks our location. And uses artificial intelligence to guide us on the right path.

Today, artificial intelligence is being used a lot not only in smartphones but also in the field of automobiles. If you are fond of cars. So you will definitely know about Tesla, features like Self Driving are available in this car. Those who work on Artificial Intelligence.

Today artificial intelligence is being used very fast in the field of manufacturing. In earlier times, many people were needed to do the work. In today’s time, with the help of machines, the same work is done very fast and easily with less labor.


Today we are using Artificial Intelligence in many fields. But the truth is also that if you do not find a way to avoid its risk. So it can have serious consequences. Because if it has benefits then it also has disadvantages.

Hope I have given you information about Artificial Intelligence. You must have liked them. If yes, then tell us by commenting, and we will be waiting for your comment.

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