Online Free Courses with 85% Discount in 2024

Online Free Courses: If you want to learn the free course. And you are concerned about where you learned from.

So today I will tell you about a website. And how can you learn the course from there? And all these courses are free, this money has to be paid for.

So on the website that is here, you will get tutorials for free. From where you can learn different categories of courses. I would like to give you information before proceeding with the post which you will get free.

You can also read other posts from our website. Where you will get computer-related information and general knowledge-related information that is related to digital online.

Udemy Development Courses 85%

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Online Free Courses

What do we get in the Free Courses?

Within the free course, we get video tutorials. And with that the course we are learning. You will get information about that but you will not get the certificate because the difficulty is not always given in the free course.

To get the certificate online, we have to take the course by paying money. Only after that, we will get a certificate so without a certificate if you want to get a course.

If you want to learn more courses then you will get complete information by reading this post completely.

Which Categories are Available for Learning the Course

If you want to learn the free course. So in that, you will get all the categories but there is a limit to the course. Here you get courses only for basic information.

So that you can get basic information about every topic. If you want to get basic information. Then there are free tutorials for you. So let’s know which category you can learn the course from through video tutorials for free.

  • Development
  • Business
  • Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Office product
  • Personal development
  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Lifestyle
  • Photography
  • Health
  • Music

1. Academic

You can learn the courses according to the categories given above. There are other categories under the degree of all these. Which I will explain to you now. What can you learn in which category?

2. Development

You can learn various courses under the development course. In which I can give you information about some of the best course topics.

Like web development, data science, mobile development, programming language, game development, database design and development, software testing in software, engineering, software development, and android development, you will find all these courses inside the development.

3. Business

If you want to get information related to business. So you can get Entrepreneurship, Communication, Management, Sales, Business Strategy, Operation, Project Management, Business Law, Business Analytics and Intelligence in Human Resources, Industry in Commerce Media, Real Estate, and other business courses under the course of Business. After learning those, you can easily progress in the business field.

4. Accounting

If you want to go into the accounting field. So you will get courses related to accounting. You will find courses like Accounting and Bookkeeping, Complaint C, Crypto Currency and Blockchain, Economic Finance, Finance Exam Preparation, Finance Modeling, and Analysis, Investing and Trading, Money Management, Aadhaar Finance, and Accounting. In these also you will find other topics. From which you can get more information.

5. Information Technology

In today’s time, if you do not know about information technology. So we don’t know anything. If you want to understand the digital platform.

So one should know about information technology. Related to this, we can get courses related to Information Technology, Certificate Network and Security, Hardware, Operating Systems, etc. And you can learn through video tutorials.

6. Office product

You will get courses related to office products. There are all the courses in Microsoft Office Apple Google other Office productivity. You will get all of them easily. There are many categories in these, you can get information about all the software used in the office work. Because it is very easy. Along with this, you can also get to run many new tools here.

7. Personal development

At present, it is very important to do personal development. For this, you will also find courses related to personal development here. Such as Personal Transformation, Personal Productivity, Leadership, Career Development, Relationships, Happiness, Releasing, Personal Brand Building Creativity, Influence Self Confidence, Stress Management, Memory Study Skills, Motivation Personal Development.

8. Design

Designing is the most important. In the present time if you want to learn to design. So you can get related off course from it. Designing is one such platform. Where you can go to every single sector. You can get related to this form here. Like web designing, joy is website design. Along with this, graphic design, design tools, user experience design, game design, 3D animation, fashion design, architecture design, etc. You will find many courses related to it. Where you can reach from the complete concept of designing to the complete end.

9. Marketing

Marketing is one such process. Where we review any product. It is needed in every sector today. Therefore, to get you related courses from this, its website includes Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Branding Marketing, Fundamental Marketing, Analysis, Public Relations, Advertising and Mobile Advertising, Content Marketing, growth-growth marketing. You can get courses like Product Marketing and Marketing.

10. Lifestyle

If we need the concept of lifestyle. So those related to him will also be found in Porsa because there are different paths of life. Which we take time to understand. If we take their information through the course, then it will be easy for us to get the path and goal of our life soon. You will get lifestyle courses related to Lifestyle like Arts and Crafts, Beauty and Makeup, Food and Gaming, Home Improvement Travel, etc.

11. Photography

Photography holds the most importance. If you want to spend your future and your career in photography. And in this, you want to make your status. So you will get related courses from this. You can get courses like digital photography, photography, photography tools, commercial photography, video design, and other photography and video.

12. Health

If there is no health then we cannot do anything. So if you have health-related information. So you can do many things. From this, you can earn a profit. And you get courses to get information related to this. You will get courses like fitness, health, sports, yoga, mental health, self-defense, safety and dance, meditation, health and fitness from here.

13. Music

Somebody is very fond of music. And he wants me to learn music. But I am not getting any teacher for that. So you can also learn through music courses. Because here you will get free video courses. You can get information about instruments, music production, music fundamentals, vocal music techniques, music software, and other music-related courses from here.

14. Academic

Education is the most important thing for anyone. Therefore, there is a lot of information related to education. Which we can take in a formal-informal way. Everyone takes college by going to school. But if one cannot go to college or school, then you will get free courses for that too. You can get engineering courses, immunity courses, mathematics, science, online education, social science, language learning, teaching training, and other technical teaching and academic courses from here.

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