What is cybercrime? Definition & Examples in 2024

What is cybercrime: We all have heard about cybercrime, but what is cybercrime, and how is it done.

Hardly everyone knows about the methods in which it is done, due to which people are often made victims of cybercrime, and they have to face heavy losses.

That is why in today’s era where most of the population is connected to the internet world.

Through means like computers and mobile, it becomes very important for them to be aware of Cyber ​​Crime. So that we can save ourselves from being a victim of this crime, let us understand cybercrime in further detail

What is cybercrime?

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Meaning of Cybercrime

Cybercrime: Cyber ​​- Creating a network through the Internet by connecting many devices together is called Cyber. Crime – An act done illegally is called a crime.

The illegal work done through computers and the internet is called Cyber ​​Crime.

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What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime There are such crimes. Which are done illegally using computer networks and the Internet. The Internet is used illegally as a weapon, and cybercrime is also known as electronic crime.

Cybercrimes are committed in three types of situations-

Crimes on a particular person, include cyberstalking, credit card fraud, identity theft, human trafficking, distribution of child pornography, cyber harassment, and online defamation.

Offenses committed on any institution or property, including Crimes like hacking, virus attack, copyright infringement, and IPR violation are included. ( What is cybercrime )

Crimes against the government, include crimes like stealing government server data and hacking government websites.

Cyber ​​Crime Types

Cyber ​​Crime is carried out in many ways, which we will understand here one after the other. Let us know Cyber ​​Crime Types –

1. Cyberstalking

Stalking means stalking ie in a person’s personal life! Interference through cyber networks.

Leaking personal information against their will, and harassing their families by sending emails or SMS is called cyberstalking.

2. Phishing

Sending false and solicitous emails seeking to obtain someone’s personal information or financial information.

Also know the username, login id, and password via email! To cause damage to the user such as movement of money or similar offenses is called phishing.

3. Intellectual Property Theft

Intellectual property is something that you have created or invented by virtue of your ability and is also protected with a patent or copyright.

Stealing it through a computer network, claiming to be the owner of that information, or selling it to someone else comes under Cyber ​​Crime.

4. Identity Theft

Committing a crime by stealing someone else’s identity and using his name is called Identity Theft.

5. Spam

The mail and advertisement sent to many people illegally using the Internet are called Spam.

6. Spoofing

In this, the criminal sends a virus program with the IP address of our computer, mobile! Which we open as soon as the criminal

Most hackers use this technique to get access to all the data, and files on our computers, and mobile.

7. Computer Virus

This is a type of malware program! And there are small programs that are inserted from one computer to another.

Or is also put on the computer by any data device, due to which the data or hardware (memory) on the computer is damaged.

Viruses copy themselves at the right time and spread throughout the system and without the permission or knowledge of the users, they infect the computer system as well as steal the data. (computer virus was discovered by Pakistan)

8. Salami Technique

Separating small chunks from large chunks of money handled via computer internet is called the salami technique.

9. Rootkits

It is a type of virus by which administrative level control can be gained on any computer.

This virus is difficult to remove and also requires the re-installation of the computer.

10. Adware

Adware is a group of malware that is known to generate popup messages that a hacker creates by using lucrative ads.

When a user downloads that software, then the hacker accesses the user’s computer with the help of this software.

Then either deletes important data or files or steals the data.

11. Trojan horse

Trojan horse is also a kind of malware program! which presents itself as harmless or useful software.

The trojan horse takes control of our system. Trojan horses cannot copy themselves like other viruses, but they can install viruses on the system.

A Trojan can delete system files and data, steal important information and passwords as well as lock down the system.

12. Ransomware

It is a type of virus that is used by criminals to attack people’s computers and systems.

It causes a lot of damage to the files stored in the computer, then after that the criminal who has damaged the computer in this way.

He demands money from her and releases her only when the demand is met.

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