What is Satellite?

What is Satellite: Today we are going to talk about what is a satellite. How it works and its complete information.

You must have tried many times to know about them. What is a satellite? How does it stay in the air? But do you know? Whatever work you do in daily life. Many of them work like this.

Which is dependent on some, whether you are watching TV or watching the weather condition on TV.

Are you using GPS navigation on your mobile, or you are talking to your friends or family members abroad by calling them?

What is Satellite?

Get it easy! A small object that is moving in space around an object much larger than itself. . Accordingly, the moon that revolves around our earth is also a satellite. but! It is natural. Which does not work according to the human condition.

Taking inspiration from this, humans have made their own satellites and left them in Earth’s orbit. Which we are playing a big role for human beings. Let us tell you that a man-made satellite can range from the size of a small TV to a large truck. Its size depends on their work.

There are solar panels on both sides of the satellite. Due to this, they keep getting energy. There are transmitters and receivers between them. Those who do the work of sending or receiving signals. Apart from this, there are also some control motors. With the help of this, we can control the satellite remotely.

Whether to change their position or change the angle. All these can be done by a control motor. Apart from these, for what purpose is the satellite designed? You get to see that object in the satellite.

For example, the satellite is designed to take an image of the earth. So big cameras are also installed in that satellite as an object. Or, it is built for scanning. So Scanner will be seen in it. It all depends on the working of the satellite. For what purpose it is made and what to put in it?


It is also called a satellite, and communication is communication! This means to communicate by it, transmitting information from one place to another with the help of a satellite located in orbit around the earth is called satellite communication.

We mainly make these satellites for communication and use them. Because only radio and ground waves cannot be used in the entire communication of the earth. Therefore, most satellites are made for communication work.

Let us tell you that at least 3 satellites are needed to send a signal from the satellite all over the earth. Which is capable of communicating around the earth with the help of satellites. This question must also be coming to your mind what kind of communication satellite is useful for us? So let us see some examples of this. Which works for us every day. Such as TV, radio, mobile phone, internet, GPS, weather information, etc.

The satellite by which the communication system is done. They are called Geostationary Satellites! Geostationary Satellite (GSAT) This satellite is a technology of India’s indigenously developed communication satellites. Which is used for the transmission of digital audio, data, and video. Till 5th December 2018, 20 Geostationary Satellites have been launched out of which 14 satellites are in service.

How does satellite work?

This question must have come to your mind, how are the satellites stacked up? So you must have known what is a satellite, or is a satellite, but here the biggest question comes if the satellites stay above in the air. Why doesn’t it fall to the ground? So there is a very simple rule for this like if something has to live in space. So he will have to keep circling a big object at his own pace. Their speed does not allow the gravitational force of the Earth to dominate them. So due to this rule, all the satellites stay up in the air.

In this satellite communication system, a micro modulated wave is transmitted from the earth station to the satellite, and the satellite receives it and transmits it again to the receiver. Mainly 3 major components are found in this. Which are important for satellite communication systems.

  • Transmitter (Earth Station)
  • Transponder
  • Receiver

A communication satellite is also called a radio transponder. The satellite by which the communication system is done is called a Geostationary satellite.


Satellites are divided into three categories.

1. Low Earth orbit satellite

These satellites are very close to the orbit of the earth. Their altitude ranges from 160 to 1600 km. They revolve around the earth at a very high speed. That’s why they complete the rounds of the earth several times a day. In such a situation, it takes very little time for them to scan the earth. It is used for images and scanning.

2. Medium Earth orbit satellite

These are the satellites that do not revolve very fast or slowly. It completes one revolution of the earth in about 12 hours. This satellite passes through a certain place at a certain time. Their altitude varies from 10000 km to 20000 km. They are used for navigation.

3. High earth orbit satellite

These are the satellites that are very far away from the earth i.e. at a distance of about 36000 kilometers. This satellite revolves around the earth at the speed of the earth. That is if this satellite is right above you. So it will always be up to you. These satellites are used for communication.

Satellite of India

Talking about the Indian Satellite, the name ISRO comes first. Because ISRO is the space research center of India country. It was established in 1969 in Bangalore. ISRO makes useful satellites for India. and develop equipment. These include satellites related to broadcast communication, weather forecasting, disaster management tools, geographic information systems, cartography, and Tally education.

Indian National Satellite System (INSAT)

Indian National Satellite System – ISRO has launched a series of satellites to develop the largest domestic communication system in the continent of Asia. They are mainly used in satellite broadcasting, astronomy, telecommunications, relief rescue, and search operations. It is a joint program of different departments or institutions. In which the departments are – All India Radio, Ministry of Space, Ministry of Defence, and Department of Doordarshan Astronomy.

Geostationary Satellite (GSAT) This satellite is a technology of India’s indigenously developed communication satellites. Which is used for the transmission of digital audio, data, and video. Till 5 December 2018, 20 Geostationary Satellites have been launched. Out of which 14 satellites are in service and these satellites are also managed by INSAT.

Our Indian space agency ISRO is touching new success every year. You will be surprised and happy to know. Indian space agency ISRO has so far sent about 100 satellites into space. We are also working on many new projects.


Now you must have known what a satellite is. How satellite works. How many types of satellites are there? I hope you have got a lot of information about the satellite through this post. This post has been able to make a better understanding of your satellites. Do share this with your family members.

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