Classification of Computers : Type of Computer in 2024

Classification of Computers With this, what are the types of computers? And how many are there?

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What is the Classification of Computers?

Computers are divided into different categories. And the type of computer is called Classification of Computers, Classification of Computers means how many classes the computer has been divided into.

For example, on the basis of size, on the basis of brand, on the basis of company, etc. As the computer is divided. In which post we will know about them today. Computers can be classified into different classes:

Based on Working Principle : Classification of Computers

1. An Analog Computer

A form of computer. That you judge the ever-changing aspect of the physical Funman phenomenon.

Such as electromechanical or hydraulic quantity models and does not use analog discrete-value. Even if it uses constant values ​​the process cannot be reliably repeated with an accepted counterpart.

As they can turn machines into analog computers which Whiteley is used in scientific and industrial applications.

The accuracy of an analog computer is higher than that of digital computers. Analog computers are mostly used in technical research.

2. Digital Computer

It operates on data in any class of device capable of solving a problem by processing information in a discrete form. In which magnitude letters and symbols are expressed in binary form.

For example, comparing using only the two digits 0 and 1 and menu plating these days it is for a combination of them.

A digital computer can perform such a task according to a set of instructions kept in its memory. As such controlling the industrial process and regulating the operation of the message accuracy of a digital computer is less than that of analog computers.

3. Hybrid Computer

Hybrid computers are such computers. Which features of accessibility are analog computers and digital computers?

These computers are used for special purposes mostly in scientific research and industrial applications, airplanes, etc. They can do all kinds of tasks that both digital and analog computers can do.

Based on the Size and Speed


Computer mainframes with large storage capacities and very high processing speeds are not known. Support a large number of terminals for the same words used by many users.

Generally used in large organization industries and offices where a large amount of data is used to move. They are very expensive and are very large in size. And multiple users can use them at once.

2. Mini Computer

And this is the key tension between a microcomputer and a mini-computer.

That a mini-computer is usually used to serve multiple users. Also, they are specially used for desktop publishing data processing programs, etc.

3. MicroComputer

A microcomputer or personal computer is the smallest journal general-purpose processing system. Which is functionally similar to any other large system.

Microcomputers are self-contained units. and are usually designed for use by one person at a time. Which are especially used in the field of education. Data Processing Graphic Design Desktop Publishing is accounting word-processing per database.

4. Super Computer

A computer with a very large storage capacity and computing speed. And many times faster than other computers.

Supercomputer The speed of a supercomputer is measured in terms of millions of operations per second. And the operation is made up of several steps.

Whereas another computer’s speed is measured in terms of it in supercomputers used in applications including large-scale numerical problems in scientific and internal engineering disciplines.

Live Weather Forecast Automated Research Space Research Dynamic Calculation Electronic Design.

5. Workstation

The station is a special computer. Which is designed for the technology-intensive Prime Mi Premier League. Those that can be used by one person at a time are connected to a local area network.

And multi-user operating system workstation is also used loosely to refer to everything from a mainframe. Computer terminal for a PC connected to a network.

Workstations offer performance fares comparable to those of mainstream personal computers, especially with respect to CPU and graphics memory capacity and multitasking capability workstations.

Where a variety of complex TATA-like 3D mechanical design engineering simulations and image and mathematical lighting have been optimized for visualization and manipulation.

Based on Brand or Company : Classification of Computers


The computer manufactured by IBM is called the IBM computer. International Business Machines is one of the largest companies in the world. Which dominates the computer industry. This product is Personal Computer IBM PC and IBM Compatible Computer IBM Compatible.

2. IBM Compatible

The computers are identical to the original IBM PC XT and AT. And are able to run the same software they use, mimicking almost all the important features of PC architecture. which facilitates the choice of commodity hardware components by IBM.

3. Apple Computer

The computer developed by the Apple company is the Apple computer. They are more expensive than IBM They are specially used in desktop design.

Based on the Model : Classification of Computers

1. Extension technology

This is short form XT. The IBM Personal Computer XT contains a 4-bit microprocessor. Which is slow to process because they are based on old technology.

2. Advanced technology

This is the short form AT. They used about 6 MHz Intel 8286 microprocessor, they can work fast with any software. Because they are based on new technology.

3. Personal system

Its abbreviation Ps was issued to IBM’s third-generation personal computers. It was officially replaced by the IBM PC XT 80 and the PC convertible in the IBM lineup.

Types of Personal Computer

1. Desktop

A desktop computer is a personal computer. Which is designed to fit on indexes or tables because of its size and strength requirement. Its configuration as a computer monitor keyboard and mouse

2. Notebook

An extremely light personal computer typically weighs less than 6 pounds. And in terms of computing power, the briefcase is small enough to fit easily. If they had the same CPU memory capacity and disk drive quality as notebook display screens many quiet, books not display screens are limited to VGA regulation resolution. Active Matrix screens are Very sharp images but they don’t refresh as frequently as full-size monitors.

3. Laptop

A personal portable information manipulator is considered a sufficient 2 feet laptop computer in a laboratory. In the past, there was a difference between a laptop and a notebook but nowadays it is gradually the same way. In early 1982, the term laptop was coined to mean two separate mobile computers. Can be used very quickly on a slap.

4. Subnotebook

Computers are a class of portable or book laptop computers that are smaller and lighter than notebook computers. This computer is sometimes confused with the ultra-mobile PC category. Which is the platform name of a small form factor tablet PC.

5. Handheld computer

A computer build is the form factor. It is sometimes referred to as the Flame Top Handheld PC. Where the market disconnect continues and migrates to smartphones and tablets. Handheld PC Personal Digital Assistant Device running Windows CE.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What are the types of computers?

Types of Computers In which generation computers were made? They are called computer types. Which has classified types of computers on the basis of size, on the basis of brand.

2. How many types was the computer divided?

Computers are divided into five types. Which comes from the mainframe computer, minicomputer, microcomputer, supercomputer, and workstations.

3. How many Types is the computer divided on the basis of work?

On the basis of work, the computer is divided into 3 parts. These include analog computers, digital computers, and hybrid computers.

4. How many parts is the computer divided on the basis of the brand?

Based on the brand, the computer is divided into three parts. IBM PC, IBM Compatible, and Apple Computer

5. How many parts is the computer divided on the basis of the model?

Based on the model, the computer is divided into three parts. EXTENT TECHNOLOGY ADVANCE TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEM.


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