How to Become CA? Qualification, Course & Salary in 2024

How to Become CA: Hello friends, today we are going to show you how to become a CA. Telling about it, recently most people have a dream.

That he became a Chartered Accountant, but how many people become a CA?

There is no information about this, due to which most people are not able to fulfill their dream if they want to become a CA.

So in such a situation, this information is going to prove to be very useful for you.

It is not easy to become a CA, if you want to become a CA, then for this you need the right guidance along with hard work.

Only then you can become a CA, and fulfill your dream of becoming a CA, the first choice of all the students who have taken commerce recently is to become a CA.

To become a CA, it is very important for you to have detailed information about how to become a CA.

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How to Become CA?

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The full name of CA is Chartered Accountant. It handles the financial account of any company, business, or people.

Along with this, it also handles the work related to Tax Returns, GST of the company, business account, balance sheets, etc.

You all will know that in every company or big business etc. there are many different tasks related to finance. In such a situation, a CA is required to handle the work related to their finances.

Who handles the entire financial work of their business. In return, a certain amount is given to the CA by the company or business. Which is the earning of a CA.

If you want to become a CA, then for this you have to follow the following process.

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The required qualification to become a CA

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You want to become a CA. So for this, you have to fulfill some essential qualifications. Only after completing them you can become a CA and study it.

First of all, you have to register for CA Foundation. In this, you can apply after outside.

To study CA, you need to pass Deaf, after that you can do this course.

You must be at least 21 years of age.

To become your CA, your 10th and Bahrawi marks don’t matter but the better your marks will be. It will be easier for you to get admission to a good college.

To become a CA

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You want to become a CA. So for this, you have to first pass out. Because you can do CA course only after outside. You should have good marks on your outside.

With this, you will easily get admission to any good college or institute and you will be able to do further studies.

Apply to a foundation course

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When you do outside. So after that, you have to apply for a foundation course and this course remains valid for 3 years after applying. Meaning.

That you have to clear your exam within 3 years after applying to the foundation course. If you are not able to pass its exam for 3 years, then you can register for it again.

When you apply for the CA foundation course. So after 4 months of application, you can give the exam.

In this, you have 4 papers and for each paper, you are given 3 hours, and all your papers are of 100 – 100 marks. Which you must have at least 40% marks on all the papers.

You apply for the foundation. So for this, you have to pay a fee of Rs 9800, along with this, if you join any coaching for the preparation of its examination.

So you have to pay its fee separately. The fees for all coaching classes may be different.

Take CA Intermediate Course

When you clear the foundation course, after that you have to do the intermediate course. In this, you register.

So after that, this application remains valid for 4 years. And this exam is conducted in the month of May and November.

One has to clear its exam. You have to give 8 papers for this exam. This is for your 100 marks. Also, to clear this exam, you need to get a minimum of 40% marks on all the papers. To apply for CA Intermediate, you have to pay a fee of Rs 27200.

Take a final course

After clearing CA Intermediate you have to do the CA Final course. For this, you have to apply for articles for 3 years. This course is like practical training.

You can apply for CA Final 6 months before completing this training, this is the last stage of becoming a CA. Along with this, this is also the most difficult phase. Very few people can clear it.

When you apply for the CA final. So it is valid for 5 years. If a candidate is not able to clear this exam within 5 years, then they can apply for it again after 5 years.

To apply for the final course of CA, you have to pay a fee of Rs.32300. After applying for this, you are given 4 months for the examination.

To appear in this exam, you are given an admit card. If a candidate does not have the admit card. So he cannot appear in this exam and in CA final exam you have to give 8 papers.

You have to secure a minimum of 40% marks on all the papers. Only then can you be successful in it.

Register with ICAI

After passing the final exam, you have to register with ICAI. When you register in it, after that you will be appointed to the post of CA. Afterward, you can start the work of CA, and fulfill your dream of becoming a CA.

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