How to Earn Money From Google? Top 8 Ways to Earn Money in 2024

How to Earn Money From Google: You must have known many ways to earn money on the Internet. But before knowing about the world’s largest and most trusted company in this article, let us know what Google is?

What is Google?

Google It has become a part of us and your life. People are dependent on Google in different ways.

It has simplified many aspects of our lives through its service.

Google’s full form [Global organization of Oriented group of the language of Earth]

By the way, Google is the largest search engine platform in the online world.

But apart from this, there are many other Google products and services which we use in our daily life like Maps, Gmail, Photos, Drive, etc.

The statistics of Google are telling that the number of its users is increasing day by day. And in the coming time, its number is going to increase even more rapidly.

In such a situation, there are some people who are taking advantage of this by joining Google and earning a lot of money online.

And there are millions of other people who are doing jobs at Google online. Some people work part-time while some work full-time with online Google jobs.

How to Earn Money From Google

  • Blogging
  • Google Adsense
  • YouTube
  • Playstore
  • Admob
  • Google Task Mate
  • Adwords
  • Google opinion reward
  • Write and Sell Books on Google Play

1. How to Earn Money from is a free blogging platform from Google that helps people earn money by creating a blog, so let’s know to earn money from is a platform created by Google and like most things made by Google, it is very easy to set up and use.

Earn if you know a lot about any subject, and you can benefit people with your information. So this platform can bring you a lot of benefits.

You must have the necessary knowledge about your topic so that your blog can attract a lot of visitors.

From fashion to technology, the topic of your blog can be anything under the sky.

Blogger is used to create a large number of followers. Once you have followers, you can start monetizing your blogger very easily. For this, you should have knowledge of working on Blogspot.

Knowledge of SEO is also very important for you to get your blog ranked. And when the number of visitors to your blog increases. So you can earn money at home by registering for Google Adsense or Affiliate Marketing.

2. How to earn money from Adsense

Google AdSense Earn Money from Website This is an advertising program that was launched by Google in 2003. Google AdSense is the most popular advertising platform in the world.

Adsense is an advertising network. Which connects Publishers and Advertisers. It allows you to monetize the traffic of your website and place ads on it.

If the number of visitors to your website is high. So you can monetize the traffic of your website through Adsense and place ads on it.

When a visitor clicks on the ad installed. So you get its commission through your google.

The best thing about Google Adsense is that it is a free service. You can easily sign up for it and start monetizing your webpage.

3. How to Earn Money from Youtube

In today’s time, you must be using any social media or not, but you must be using Youtube in your daily life and you will also be enjoying the videos given on it.

Do you know that people like us and you are earning a lot of money by entertaining people with their art on Youtube?

So let’s know how to earn money from Youtube, if you can also entertain someone with any of your art or knowledge, then this platform gives a very good opportunity for you to earn money sitting at home,

For this, you need to have more knowledge in your field because the more knowledge you have, the more money you can earn.

For this, you need to have more subscribers on your youtube channel, once more traffic comes, you can monetize your channel through Adsense and place ads on it, and earn money.

4. How to earn money from the play store app

This is an Android App Platform if you are an android user. So you must be using this platform to download different types of apps on your mobile.

If you have technical knowledge of App Development. So it can benefit you a lot. Through this, you can make an app and sell it on Play Store, as the download number of your app will increase, your app will start ranking upwards in the play store.

After that, you can also earn money by monetizing your app through advertising, affiliate marketing, or in-app purchases.

5. How to Earn Money from AdMob

Admob is made for mobile app owners. It is an advertising medium. Admob is enabled to show ads on your app To earn money by showing ads on any app.

If you are an app developer and you have an app of your own. So you can earn a lot of money by putting AIDS on it through Admob.

Before placing any ads, you have to monetize its visitors’ traffic through Admob like Google Adsense. Then as you click on Ads, then money will be paid to you by Google.

6. How to Earn Using Google Task Mate App

Google Taskmate is a new step for Indian internet users. Which has been launched by Google India. For this, you have to download the Task Mate app from Playstore.

Something is given to you through this app. After the completion of the work, your Google pays money in your E-Wallet. Which you can transfer to your bank anytime.

There must be a question in your mind that what work will have to be done. So something like this might work. Like taking a picture of a shop nearby, answering survey questions about your preferences, or translating sentences from English into your local language.

7. How To Earn With Google Opinion Reward App

If you like giving feedback then this is for you. Because you can earn money by giving your opinion on Google opinion reward.

You can download the app from Google Play Store and answer the survey in your spare time. You will get a notification whenever a survey is available for you. Most surveys pay you up to a dollar for your opinion.

The topics of the survey are different, so you will never get bored with those topics. About which you have to answer.

8. Sell ​​Books on Google Play

If you are a writer and write well, then you can earn good money through this, you can write a book or novel and sell it on Google Play Store, for this you will not have to go through the publisher.

First, you have to write a book. After that, you have to signup for the Google Books Partner Program as a publisher or author. Just upload your one book file and earn money

If you’re not sure how to write a complete novel, you can always write a series of short stories or a connected string of poetry instead.

You can also earn very easily from your mobile phone. There are only a few of the above methods. This cannot be done with mobile, you can earn good money by adopting other methods.


1. How to earn money sitting at home?

Although there are many ways by which you can earn money sitting at home, you can earn more and more money from Google’s, YouTube, and Playstore.

2. Which is the money-earning app?

The app to earn money on Google is YouTube, Play Store, Google Task Mate, Google Pay, Google opinion reward, and Google Map.

3. Which is the highest-earning app?

You can earn the most money from both these apps, Youtube and Playstore, because different ways of earning money have been given on these two apps, if you want, you can earn a lot of money by using all those methods.

Hope you have learned how to earn money from Google through this post. If you have any questions or suggestions, don’t forget to comment below!


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