How to Earn Money After Basic Computer Course in 2024

How to Earn Money After Learning Basic Computer: Hello, friends welcome to all of you.

In today’s post, we will know how to make money by doing simple things with the help of a computer. If you have learned basic computer.

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How to Earn Money

So now you can do some such things using your computer. From where you will get normal money.

You will not have to work very hard for this. So there are many ways here. What I am going to tell you, so let’s start.

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1. By typing online

When you learn basic computer. So what comes to you the most? In this, according to me, we know typing very well. And we get smart in typing. So you can make money by typing a captcha online.

This work is very simple. In this, you have to create your account. And in that account, you can do regular work according to your own. Now here’s what you have to do. I’ll let you know about it.

Here’s what to do in the beginning

  • Here we have to create our account first
  • Create your profile in the account
  • After that do a small test and give
  • After that start typing

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If you want to make money by typing. So this is the best job. So now let’s go. In other jobs where you can use basic computer knowledge.

2. Fill out the online form

Now you must have done 3 months computer basic course. So you can earn money by filling out the online form on the internet.

Here you can easily fill in private and government forms, for this there is a small process. that is what we have to do.

While filling out the form, its complete list is given below. According to that, you can learn step by step. and fill out the form.

  • Go to the website where the application form is to be filled
  • Go to Online Registration / Career Option
  • Open the form and fill in the details given in it
  • submit final
  • If the form is to be filled with payment then make the payment and get confirmed

Online form filling is very easy. If you have learned basic computer. So from there, you get basic information about the Internet.

Government applications or private job applications are filled a lot. From where you can fill out the online form. And you can earn money from there.

You have to fill out the people form. Due to this, you will get money and you can charge money according to yours.

3. Join social media platform

You can make good money through social media. Whatever you have learned under computer. You can make a group of yourself through social media.

And there you can share information about the basic computer. Where will you meet the most people? Use the same social media. For example, you can share your information through Facebook YouTube website, etc. And can give basic computer information.

4. Make money by making presentations

If you have learned PowerPoint. So you can make a presentation with the help of PowerPoint. And you can put your presentation on YouTube.

YouTube is a huge social media platform for video sharing. Here you can make your video through the presentation.

And can give information about anything in the presentation. And can upload via video. It is very easy and now how can you make it from here?

5. Write blog post

You can write and post on big blogs and make money from thereby giving them. You must have seen many big websites. Where you can write a post for them, you can give information about any new thing.

You have to write about it. By typing and entering a lot of information in it. A complete article type will have to be created from that information. And there will have to be explained in different ways.

So that people get information about it and you can share that post on someone else’s blog. When your post will be shared? So through that, the owner of the block will give you money. Anyway, you can start your work.

6. Prepare exam paper

If we are perfect at typing. So work can be found, there are many tasks related to typing. Which are done offline and online. For online, I have told you above all.

If you about captcha typing then if you are good at typing. So you will get a paper for typing the school exam. When a paper is printed in a college institute school. Makes the paper.

So it is first given for typing. And then the papers are taken out. You can do paper writing work for such an institute.

For this, you have to create your own group. From where you have to publicize your group. And from there you can take work.

7. Data entry job

There are many such companies even today. Who has kept their data limited only in the file?

So right now in the digital world, everyone is engaged in keeping digital data. In such a situation, companies give data entry jobs.

Which is done through Freelancer. You can also do data entry jobs. By joining Freelancer, you have to create your profile there. And according to that profile, you can get a job doing data entry.

Well, there are many types of jobs out there. The one who worked, on one hand, gave money on the other hand. In this way, we can start work there. Which is very easy.

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