How to keep computers safe for a long time in 2024

When the old computer becomes old after buying a new computer.

Then problems start to arise in that. But if we keep the computer safe from the beginning. And don’t let it lack in any way.

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So our computer will run well even after being old. But sometimes we start our computer when we buy a new one. Then for a few days, we keep it well-maintained.

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But time passes slowly. So we don’t pay much attention to our computers. So what should we not do? and what to do. I am going to give information about that.

How to keep computers safe

Run the computer only after fully charging

Initially, we charge the computer, then run it. But gradually we start running it by putting a charge in our computer. By doing this, the problem of draining the battery of our computer soon comes.

If we run it by charging the computer. So there is a negative impact on our computer’s battery and its function. Due to this, the battery of our computer starts getting damaged.

And after that gradually we have to run our computer by charging it. Because when the battery gets damaged. So the battery works till it is charged. But after removing the charge, it ends in 10 to 15 minutes. So keep this in mind.

turn off the computer after working

How many hours do you work on the computer? But after the work is over, shut it down and shut it down. Due to this, the function of our computer gets some rest.

If we keep that continue. So there is more chance of a problem with that. As we worked all day and slept at night without shutting down. This will keep the computer running.

And its function will continue to work regularly. So soon there will be problems with that. Be it human or machine. He has to rest for some time. So always open the computer at the right time. And turn it off after work.

Update the computer from time to time

A computer is a machine. So it needs to be updated from time to time. We use windows on the computer. Updating happens in that window.

That’s why we need to update our computer every 15 days or 1 month to keep it well maintained. This will keep all the functions of our computer running equally.

Because sometimes our computer runs intermittently. So this problem also gets solved. As the mobile is updated, the same happens to the computer.

So if the computer has to work well. So it needs to be updated. After updating, new functions come into the computer. which works well.

Never let the computer’s RAM become full

No matter how big the RAM of our computer is. Don’t let it get full. Because if our computer is to be safe and protected from hanging. So do not install more future applications in RAM.

This makes the computer slow. Because the most used in our computer is its application software. Which are installed in RAM. If the RAM is full.

So the application function of our computer does not work. And the computer does not even work well. And problems start coming in the computer.

Do not stop while updating the software

When our computer is being updated. At that time if we shut down our computer in the middle its battery gets low. So the biggest problem comes from our computer.

If you turn off the computer in the event of a bad window, neither your computer will be updated. Nor will any of its functions run. And your computer will shut down completely.

And you have to change the window of your computer. In such a situation, you will have to adopt a long process. If you want to avoid this.

So anytime you are updating your computer. So before that, you should fully charge your computer. Update after that.

close all programs before shutting down the computer

If you want to keep the computer like new for a long time. And want to use all its functions well. So never shut down the computer program on the go. And this becomes a hundred percent from our hands.

That we are running many functions on our computer. Simultaneously, they are working in different programs. And in such a situation we turn off our computer.

And open after a long time. However when we open the computer again. So all those functions are restored and open again. But this has a negative impact on our computers.

Frequently asked questions

Why does our computer fail?

That’s why our computer is bad. That we do not keep our computers properly. Like running the computer by charging, keeping the computer running for a long time, or shutting down the computer by not binding its programs, many such tasks can cause problems in our computer.

How to save a computer?

Do not do any work which harms the computer. And to keep your computer safe for a long time. After working on the computer, turn it off. Charge the computer before using it. Keep updating the computer from time to time. Delete unnecessary files from the computer.


So friends, if you also want to keep your computer safe, then follow all the methods mentioned by me and stay away from all those methods which spoil our computer and keep your computer safe for a long time which we do not have to adopt. Do not let it apply to your computer at all

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