Networking Definition: Types of Networking in 2024

Networking Definition: What is meant by computer networking?

Communication data source transfer is done from one computer to another computer between more than one computer.

We are able to connect from one computer to another computer only through computer networking.

How to Learn Computer?

What are the limitations of computers?

What is Computer Software?

Networking Definition

A computer network is a system of communication between two or more computers.

What is Network?

A wild variety of wide variety of interconnected components is called a network. See below some typical examples of networks 🙂

Transport network

  • Roads
  • Railroad track
  • Shipping way

Electrical circuit
power network

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Computer Networks

Which transfers information between computers. The Internet is also a large-scale computer network, a website, or a technically linked web.

When you are connected to one or more computers. which is called a network. The Internet is not really a network. I can do it. Classify computer networks into different types.

1. Local Area Network (LAN)

LAN is a computer network networking. which is a local area such as a home office or a small group of buildings such as a college school etc.

A local area network consists of computers. which are connected by cable or wirelessly in such an environment.

Organizations that do not use public carriers such as Internet service providers, telephones, or cable companies. Organizations that have the power to computer systems and data.

2. Wide Area Network (WAN)

Wide Area Network Local Area Network(LAN) can be thought of as a collection of wide-area networks that existed long before the Internet became so popular and so public.

Since it was practical either. Nor was it possible in many cases for large companies to own cables between their branches.

They are special high-speed accept lines from public telephone companies. They cover a wide area of the network. The best example of a wild area network is the Internet.

3. Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

A metropolitan area network is a computer network larger than a local area network that covers an area of ​​a few city blocks as well as an entire city area. Including the surrounding areas.

Metropolitan area networks are optimized for a larger geographic area than local area networks. Which arranges from server blocks of buildings to entire cities.

By a single organization but it will usually be used by multiple individuals and organizations. Metropolitan area networks may also be owned and operated as a public utilities. They often provide domains for internetworking of local networks.

Also known as Metropolitan Area Network(MAN) networking technologies. The asynchronous transfer modes in the municipal network include ATM FDDI and SMDS.

However, these technologies are being demonstrated by Ethernet-based connections. For example, a Metro Ethernet metropolitan area network link is created between local area networks with wireless links using other microwave radios or infrared lasers.

Transmission Most company rent or lease circuits from common carry because long stretches of cable are expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. How many types of computer networks are there?

There are 3 types of computer networks Local Area Network (LAN), Metropolitan Area Network(MAN) Wide Area Network(WAN)

2. What is required for a computer network?

For the computer network, we need a network service provider. Which comes by providing us network connection.

3. What are the advantages of computer networking?

There are many advantages of computer networks. Like connecting multiple computers to one computer, communicating, starting a network business, etc.

4. What is the purpose of computer networking?

Talk about the purpose of computer networking. So at the present time to spread every single business communication entertainment etc all over the world and with this new information video call audio call usage etc.


After knowing about computer networking, you must have understood its basic concept. And how many types of computer networking are there? Give information about that too.

Along with this, there are other common computer networks. that are used in computers. They are used for computer networking.

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