What are the limitations of computers in 2024

The computer itself cannot operate on its own. Until we give instructions to it.

Till then it does not operate. All its programs do not work until the instruction is given to them.

With this, the computer cannot think on its own. And the computer can’t even apply logic on its own. That’s why computers have many limitations. Which we are going to discuss in this post.

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Limitations of Computer

The computer is one such machine. Which was prepared by the world’s most micro-processing system, it is being used everywhere today. The computer works within the realm of input processing and output. Its job is to store data.

A computer is an electronic machine. Which we use in Entertainment, Educational, Business, Organization Hospital Railway Airlines. The creation of computers and computers comes from the word ‘COMPUT’. It means to create.

A computer is a mechanical machine. that works quickly. is automatic. Works too much. Does the job properly. That’s all it does. But still, it has some drawbacks and weaknesses.

Today I am going to talk about that. This whole post has been prepared about computers. To understand it well, what is the weakness in the computer?

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1. The computer has No Brain

Like we’re talking about. What are the limitations of computers? The computer does not have a brain, such scale is in imitation. Friends, a computer is such a machine.

There is logic in the computer which runs by instruction. So until a person does not use that logic, the instruction was not installed.

Until then that logic will not work, so we can say that the computer does not have a brain. And this is simply right.

2. A computer can’t Think

The other limitations of computers are that computers do not think. Because a computer is a machine. That’s why he doesn’t have the ability to think.

The computer works only by logic and instruction. Like humans have the ability to think. No one has that capability.

That’s why man-made computers did not make the man. These are the limitations of the computer. Which we are keeping in the second number.

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3. The computer Does not Feel

The third limitation of the computer is that the computer does not feel. Like a human would touch anything. Then he will feel something.

This is not the case with computers at all. If you keep using the computer regularly. Then the computer will not feel it.

That’s why you are running it so much. And the computer does not even have emotion. The computer remains in use using only instructions and its own lessons.

4. Learning Power

Computers do not have learning power. And the computer does not work until we put the instruction on the computer.

The computer just understands the instruction. and works on the basis of that instructable. Once we give instruction to the computer, it will continue to work on the basis of that instruction until we change its instruction. So now it can also be removed. But that may take many years.

5. Lack of Common Sense

The computer does not have a sensor. As I told you earlier, the computer runs on the basis of instruction.

That’s why he does not use his brain, the computer only waits for our brain. that unless we ask him to do the work. Until then he won’t. Computers are designed in this way.

Do not do this work until the instruction is put on the computer. Therefore, what time is this imitation?

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6. Can’t make a Decision

The computer itself cannot make decisions. Instructions that have been put on the computer. Based on that Instructable and the software it contains.

And how does that software work? On this basis, the computer will work. But the computer itself cannot take the decision.

If we enter a number in the computer, then on the basis of that number, it cannot make its decision, which is fixed in the logic computer, the software that has been made gives output only on the basis of that.

7. Can’t give an Idea

The creator of the computer used his brain. When the computer was made, gradually the development of the computer went on.

But such a computer was not made. Till now a computer can give us the idea, only humans can give the idea.

If the computer could give, the computer would have become the most popular device in the world right now. So this is also one of the most important limitations. The computer we need to go to.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do computers have limitations?

There is only one reason for imitation in a computer, it is a machine. And with this, there are limitations in every device.

But that’s how he made it. There will definitely be limitations in this too. That’s why he didn’t talk about these limitations and didn’t try to reduce them, so limits are there in everything.

Be it an electronic device or a human being.

2. What are the main five imitations of computers?

  • Has no brain
  • Can’t think by itself
  • Does not feel
  • Does not have an IQ
  • Cannot make a decision

3. Can Computer Limitations Be Lowered?

No, not at all, the limitations of the computer will remain the same. Less we can’t do. But when the computer will be modified further. Then maybe its limits can be reduced.


Finally, friends, you must have liked this post. In this I told you about the limitations, there are many limitations in the computer.

We should be aware of all those limitations. Only then we will be able to understand computers in a better way. You will be able to learn more, I have told you some important limitations above.

Memorize them so that you find it easier to explain to someone else later. Till then bye-bye in the next post.

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