Realme GT 5 Pro Price & Full Spacification in 2024

The realme GT 5 Pro is a high-end smartphone , boasting impressive specs and features. Here’s a more detailed breakdown to help you learn more about it:


1. Powerful performance: 

Featuring the latest Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor and up to 16GB of RAM, the GT 5 Pro is a beast for gaming, multitasking, and running demanding apps.

2. Superb display: 

The 6.78-inch AMOLED display with 1.5K resolution and 144Hz refresh rate offers a smooth and immersive viewing experience for videos, games, and daily use.

3. Versatile camera system: 

The triple-lens rear camera setup delivers excellent photo and video quality, especially with the 50MP main sensor and telephoto lens with 2.7x optical zoom.

4. Fast charging: 

The 100W SuperDart Charge technology allows you to fully charge the large 5400mAh battery in just 25 minutes, eliminating battery anxiety.

5. Other features: 

The GT 5 Pro also packs in several additional features like Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC, and an in-display fingerprint sensor for added convenience and security.

Potential drawbacks:

1. Price: 

The GT 5 Pro is a premium phone with a price tag to match, potentially surpassing budgets for some users.

2, Battery life: 

While the battery capacity is large, the high-performance components and high refresh rate display might drain it faster than some users may expect.

3. Software: 

Some users might not prefer the customization of the realme UI skin on top of Android.

Overall, the realme GT 5 Pro is a top-tier smartphone with a lot to offer, especially for those who prioritize performance, display quality, and fast charging. However, its price point and potential battery life limitations should be considered when making a purchase decision.

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Here’s a breakdown of the key specs for the realme GT 5 Pro, categorized by area:


  • Brand: Realme
  • Model: GT 5 Pro
  • Release date: December 7th, 2023
  • Operating system: Android 14 with realme UI 5.0


  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
  • RAM: Up to 16GB LPDDR5X
  • Storage: Up to 1TB UFS 4.0
  • GPU: Adreno 750


  • Size: 6.78-inch
  • Resolution: 1.5K (1264 x 2780 pixels) AMOLED
  • Refresh rate: Up to 144Hz
  • Peak brightness: 4500 nits
  • Touch sampling rate: 2160Hz


  • Curved AMOLED display
  • Glass front and back
  • Aluminum frame
  • In-display fingerprint sensor


Rear camera:

Triple-lens system

50MP main sensor (Sony LYT-T808) with OIS

50MP telephoto sensor (Sony IMX890) with OIS+EIS, 2.7x optical zoom

8MP ultrawide sensor (OmniVision OV0810)

Front camera: 32MP


  • Capacity: 5400mAh
  • Fast charging: 100W SuperDart Charge

Network & Connectivity:

  • 5G
  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • GPS
  • NFC

1. What are the key specs of the Realme GT 5 Pro?

  • Display: 6.78-inch AMOLED, 1.5K resolution, 144Hz refresh
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
  • RAM: Up to 16GB LPDDR5X
  • Storage: Up to 1TB UFS 4.0
  • Rear camera: 50MP main sensor, 50MP telephoto sensor, 8MP ultrawide sensor
  • Front camera: 32MP
  • Battery: 5400mAh, 100W SuperDart Charge
  • Network & Connectivity: 5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, GPS, NFC

2. How much does the Realme GT 5 Pro cost?

The price of the Realme GT 5 Pro varies depending on the storage configuration. The 8GB/128GB model starts at around $749, while the 12GB/256GB model costs around $799. The top-of-the-line 16GB/1TB model is priced at around $899.

3. Is the Realme GT 5 Pro a good gaming phone?

Yes, the Realme GT 5 Pro is an excellent gaming phone. It has a powerful processor, plenty of RAM, a smooth display, and long battery life. It also supports fast charging, so you can quickly juice up the battery if it gets low during a long gaming session.

4. How is the camera on the Realme GT 5 Pro?

The camera on the Realme GT 5 Pro is very good. It takes sharp and detailed photos in both daylight and low-light conditions. The telephoto lens is also great for taking close-up shots, and the ultrawide lens is perfect for capturing landscapes and large groups of people.

5. How long does the battery on the Realme GT 5 Pro last?

The battery life on the Realme GT 5 Pro is good, but it’s not the best. The high-refresh rate display and powerful processor can drain the battery fairly quickly, especially if you’re using the phone for gaming or watching videos. However, the fast charging technology makes it easy to top up the battery quickly.

6. Is the Realme GT 5 Pro worth buying?

Whether or not the Realme GT 5 Pro is worth buying for you depends on your individual needs and budget. If you’re looking for a high-end phone with a powerful processor, a beautiful display, and a versatile camera, then the GT 5 Pro is a great option. However, if you’re on a tight budget or you don’t need the most powerful phone on the market, then there are other good options available.

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