What is RAM? Features, Types in 2024

What is RAM: The Complete form of RAM is Random Access Memory. It works with hard drives. when the computer starts.

The activity that happens at that time. It stays in RAM. So that’s what we’re doing.

It should be quick and open and close quickly. If we give more instructions at a time then the computer hangs. There is only one reason for this. What is the capacity of our RAM?

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She slows down the computer a bit. When we are working on the computer. At that time the RAM remains active. and works with our Instructable. Because in every single click, little by little the data keeps moving here and there.

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What is Random Access Memory?

This is computer memory. Which works with the CPU. It works to store the result of the program.

The function of this memory is to read and write data. It removes that data. Let us know more about Random Access Memory.

CPU and Processor are the brains of the computer. When the instructions come. So the processor processes that instruction. Along with this, it works with Random Access Memory.

As I said above that when we give any instruction. So Random Access Memory is used to make it fast. The more powerful the CPU of our computer, the faster it will work.

Like playing games, watching movies, listening to songs, etc. Simultaneously, the CPU works with the RAM.

RAM acts as short-term memory. After it is used in one instruction, it erases that thing in another instruction.

Features of Random Access Memory

  • It is a hardware device
  • Hard drives and other drives work fast with the help of RAM.
  • It works fast
  • It is the main memory of the computer
  • Data remains in RAM as long as the computer is turned on. Disappears after the shutdown.

Usage of Random Access Memory

  • To accelerate
  • To distribute low power
  • Used as a scratchpad and main memory

Two Main Types

1. Dynamic

Dynamic is called DRAM in short language. It is a type of semiconductor memory. Which exchanges data through the computer processor. Slow is a normal memory.

Which is called dynamic random access memory. It is used in personal computer work stations etc. Meaning of random access. That is, through the processor in the computer from one place to another, directly to any part of the memory, through this the data is directly accessed at once.

2. Static

Static is known as computer memory. It holds the data of the computer program. As long as the computer is running. Till then it keeps the data on hold. When computer programs are closed.

So it defeats the data. It is a short-term storage device. Which is installed on the motherboard of the computer. It is the main assistant and main type of RAM.

Other Types

  • Fast Page Mode Dynamic
  • synchronous dynamic
  • Rambus Dynamic
  • video adapters

Frequently asked questions

1. What is RAM?

It is an access memory. Whose full form is Random Access Memory?

The data that is stored in it. It requires a processor. The data stored is in this memory. It stays on till the computer is turned on. when the computer is turned off. So the data gets erased automatically.

2. Why is RAM used?

RAM is the very most important part of a computer. Because it works for System. When You install the application on our computer. So for that, we need RAM.

Because RAM keeps those applications installed. and helps to install them. And what is it used for? When we use Applications. So RAM direct tells the processor about its activity. So that’s why RAM is the most important part of the computer.

3. What is the difference between RAM and ROM?

The full form of Prem is Random Access Memory and the full form of ROM is Read-Only Memory. Useful for both computers. RAM is a volatile memory.

It is used for temporary storage. ROM is non-volatile memory. Which stores permanent data in the computer.

4. Is RAM a computer’s memory?

It is the short-term memory of the computer. RAM is used with computers. No matter what kind of computer it is, it is also used in smartphones and tablets.

The device in which the application is used. RAM is used in that device. And this is short-term memory. That’s why it can be called memory.

5. How many GB is good RAM?

Want to keep files in RAM memory? Because it happens that you are personally taking a computer just to do your petty personal work. So 8GB RAM is also fine in it. But if you are working in official or any big programming.

You have to install large programming applications. So for that 32GB RAM, we need bigger RAM and we are putting more overdose than that. This means installing more applications. So our computer is more likely to hang.


Finally, friends, you must have come to know about the name. With this, I have provided you with basic information. What’s your RAM from here? Would have known about it. If you came to know about this well, then definitely let us know by commenting. And please share the post with your friend Thanks.

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