What is an Operating System? Function, Types in 2024

Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, I am going to give you information about the operating system of the computer.

And here we will also talk about its types and functions. What is that operating system? And what are its types and functions?

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What is an Operating System?

It is a system of software. And the information on the secondary storage device and operating system is software. As an interface between the user or application program and the computer hardware.

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Processor Management: it means assigning processor to the different task which has to be performed by the computer system.

Input and Output Management: coordination and assignment of different output and input devices while one or more programs are being executed.

File management: Responsible for maintenance of a filesystem in which the user is allowed to create, delete and move files.

The establishment and enforcement of a Priority system: determines and maintains the order in which jobs are to be executed.

  • Assignment of system resource software as well as hardware to the various uses of the system.
  • As an interface between the user and the computer
  • monitors the use of the resource of computers
  • control and coordinates input and output device
  • manage the program and data file
  • help the application program execute commands given by the user


1.Simple batch operating system

Including card reader tap device driver and line printer. User-submitted a job.

and was operating who would carry out the work. Computer system output appears after one minute to an hour. And sometimes the user collects the output from the operating. What is an Operating System

In which memory drum is included. The operating system was very simple. And its main function was to transfer control from one job to another.

2.Multiprogramming batch operating system

Job scheduling breaks into the capability of multiprogramming A user cannot keep both the CPU and the input-output device busy in busy programming.

Organizing jobs in this way increases CPU usage. That the CPU always has a job to execute the idea of ​​multiprogramming. Which can be described as a job hole. disk contains members of jobs. which are ready to be executed.

3.Time-sharing Operating System

Multi-programmed batch systems are operating large tasks. On the other hand, an interactive job requires one line of communication between the user. What is an Operating System

And system time-sharing tasking is a logical extension of multiprogramming. which provides interactive.

The system uses CPU scheduling and multiprogramming to provide a one-time slot to each user in a time-sharing system.

4.Multiprocessor Operating System

Multi most systems are single-processor systems. Which will have only one CPU, although there is no need for a multiprocessor system.

The system will have more than one processor and all these processors will share the computer bus or clock and sometimes memory and peripheral devices.

What is an Operating System Systems are also called tightly coupled systems. Because the processor shares the memory or clock.

5.Distributed Systems

In this type of system, all the computations are distributed among the servers ProjSearch distributed systems. It is also known as a loosely coupled system.

Because here the processor does not share memory or clock. Instead, each processor has its own local memory in processor communication.

Processors in a distributed system differ in size by a function of various communication lines with each other, such as high-speed buses or telephone lines. And note our referral computers.

6.Real-time Operating System

It is a multitasking operating system. A real-time application that executes a real-time operating system after using the AIMS specialization scheduling algorithm.

The main objective of the Terminus Stick Natural of Behavior real-time operating system is to be quick and predictable so that they can receive orders. Respond to two events.

They have either an event-driven or time-sharing design. Which is an event drive system between tasks based on their priorities.

What is an Operating System Whereas time-sharing operating system which operates clock based in Troops.

7.Multi-user and single-userOperating Systems

This type of operating system allows multiple users to access a computer system. A concurrent time-sharing system can be classified as a multi-user system.

Because they enable a multi-user to gain access to the computer through time-sharing

Single-User Operating System Unlike a multi-user operating system, being able to have multiple accounts on a single-window operating system usable by one user at a time does not make it a multi-user system.

But for Unix-like operating systems, two users can log in at the same time. And this capability of the operating system makes it a multi-user operating system.

8.Multitasking and single-tasking Operating Systems

When only one program is allowed to run at a time. So the system is grouped under a single-tasking system. Whereas the operating system allows the execution of multiple tasks at a time.

It is classified as a multi-tasking operating system in Free Emphasis and multi-tasking CPU time lies on the operating system and dedicates a slot to each program.

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