What is Computer Viruses? | Types of Viruses in 2024

What is Computer Virus: A Computer Virus is a malicious software program. Which is designed to alter and damage computer operation methods.

This computer virus operates by attaching itself to a document or computer program to execute its code in the computer and gradually spreads to your computer. What is computer virus can cause unexpected and harmful effects. it occurs.

Usually, this computer virus infects the most vulnerable systems. Once executed in the computer system, it can damage your programs and files.

What is Computer Viruses?

Apart from this, it slows down the performance of the computer as well as prevents the system software from working completely.

The purpose of creating these computer viruses is to infect vulnerable systems, gain admin control, and steal sensitive data.

Hackers design a “computer virus” with malicious intent and trick the online user and make the virus reach their system.

This computer virus can enter your system in many ways. The most prominent method by which the virus spreads is through emails.

Like opening an email attachment, visiting an infected website, clicking on executable files, or opening an advertisement of infected websites, it can also access your system. Apart from this, a virus can also spread to your computer from a USB drive containing the virus.

History of Computer Virus (What is Computer Viruses?)

Robert Thomas was the first engineer. Who first developed the computer virus while working in BBN Technologies in 1971.

The original wild computer virus that was first tracked in the history of the entire computer virus was “Elk Cloner.” This Elk Cloner had previously infected Apple II operating systems through floppy disks. This virus was developed. Richard Skrenta in 1982, was a teenager at that time.

Suppose computer viruses were designed according to prank. But this makes it clear. What if a malicious program is installed in the memory of the computer, then it can do many such things.

This can also prevent the user from running the system further, and they will have little control over these malicious programs.

The first person to name these malicious programs computer viruses was “Fred Cohen”, who named it in 1983. This name came up when he titled you the name of the programs in an academic paper. “Computer Virus-Theory and Experiments” where he gave complete information about malicious programs.

What can Computer Viruses do?

A computer virus can corrupt or delete the data present in the computer. You can eliminate the data stored on your hard disk. spoil their computers by going to other computers through e-mail attachments.

Viruses greatly slow down the speed of your computer. It destroys your files and programs.

What is Malware?

The full name of the malware is Malicious Software. This is a software program. Which harms the computer. It means bad software which is not good at all.

If it comes into the system. So it can completely spoil the system. Malware is also the name of the virus that slowly starts destroying the data of your system.

Malware comes to our system from the internet. While getting information from the internet, we go to some malicious site or download pirated software, games, and movies from anywhere. So Malware online comes into our computers.

There are three types of malware. Virus, Worms, and Trojan Horse three are different. The work of all three is also different, and all three damage the computer in different ways.

1. Worms

First of all, let’s talk about Worms Worms are like a virus. But it multiplies its number. That is, try to spread yourself as much as possible.

If Worms have come into your system, then they start making many copies of different files. Due to this, the system slows down, and if we copy and share the same file with another computer, then Worms also slows down that computer by making many copies of files by going there too.

2. Virus

The virus can corrupt your computer’s files and software. Example There is an MS Word document in your computer if Virus comes into it.

So it will erase the data of your MS Word document or it will corrupt that document. So due to the Virus, you will not get any information from that document Viruses can sometimes completely corrupt the Word Processing software and you use that Corrupt File. Or if you share, then this virus goes to another computer and spoils its system.

3. Trojan Horse

This is dangerous Malware, this Malware comes from hiding the identity in your computer. For example, suppose you are using the Internet, then you have visited a website.

And you see an advertisement there and you click on it. So Trojan Horse Malware will come to your computer only through it and you will not even be aware of it and will completely spoil your system.

It is present on the Internet in the form of many software. If it comes into your computer then it starts slowing down your computer. Along with that, they open a door so that more Viruses and Worms can come into your computer.

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