What is the Keyboard? Features & Types in 2024

What is the Keyboard: The keyboard is the input device of the computer. Which we also call the hardware of the computer.

This is the main device of the computer.

Because its job is to input data into the computer. So today we are going to get complete information about it.

If you want to know in detail about a computer keyboard. So try to read this post completely.

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What is the keyboard?

It is the input device of a computer. Which is used to input the data. In this, there is a combination of different number key alphabet key functions, special keys, etc. It is used for typing.

It is hardware. We can also use it through the computer screen. There are different types of keyboards. Out of which the most used is the USB cable.

We connect the keyboard through the CPU. And some connect the keyboard via Bluetooth. Which we call wireless keyboards. So let us now understand each and every aspect of the keyboard in a better way.

Note: In this post, I will give you basic information about keyboards. And all the buttons on the keyboard. I will explain all of them. So that whenever you play keyboard in computer. So you should have all the information.


  • It has 12 function keys.
  • It consists of numbers from 0 to 9.
  • There are alphabet keys from A to Z.
  • It has two shift buttons.
  • There are two control buttons.
  • One of the biggest buttons on the keyboard is the space.
  • It has an enter button.
  • It also has logic buttons. Like- Greater than, Less than, Equal to, etc.
  • It has a delete button. There is a power button. There is a window button. There is a tab button.

So, friends, you have learned about the features of the keyboard button above. So now we will get information about its types.


The most important in the keyboard are the two keyboards. Which people often use. The most commonly used keyboard is the USB keyboard.

And the other is a wireless keyboard. Which we also call Bluetooth keyboard. So let’s get information about some keyboards.

  • USB
  • Bluetooth/Wireless
  • Gaming
  • Multimedia
  • Handheld
  • Vertical

Well, there are different types of keyboards. But among them, I am going to give you information about some keyboards. By the way, which keyboard do you use above? Do tell by commenting.

1. USB

USB keyboards must be used by 80% of people all over the world. This is just my guess. Because I also use a USB keyboard.
Why is it so popular? Because it is cheap, and it is mostly used to work on normal computers. That’s why its sales are also very high.

2. Bluetooth/Wireless

Speaking of Bluetooth computers. These are slightly more expensive than USB computers. And it is made without wire. Because the Bluetooth system is connected to it. We can connect to it with the Bluetooth of our system.

We can run it by keeping it anywhere. And this is in every computer that has Bluetooth. connects to it. I haven’t used it yet. If you did, then do let me know by commenting.

3. Gaming

Gaming keyboards are special and attractive. By the way, it can also be used on a normal computer. It doesn’t have a different design. In this, each keyboard button has a light. which are of different colors. We can easily see it even at night.

4. Multimedia

Talk about a multimedia keyboard. So in this, we get more functions. There are more buttons that we can use for different tasks.

In this, options are available to play multimedia video songs. Which we can do by using it through the keyboard itself. Other keyboards do not have such functions.

We enjoy multimedia through the mouse. But through the multimedia keyboard, we do not need a mouse.

5. Handheld

This is the keyboard. We can also operate this keyboard with one hand. If you work on the keyboard with the help of only one hand.

Then this would be the best option for you. to connect to your computer. By the way, this keyboard was also made for gaming. But if you can use it with one hand. Or do you want to? So you can buy it.

6. Vertical

Vertical keyboards are a specific type of keyboard. In this, you will not have to bother your hands much. We can also run them with our hands up.

These keyboards are a bit advanced. These are also called 3D keyboards. If you are unable to use the normal keyboard. So you can use them.

So, friends, I gave you information about some keyboards, there are many different advanced keyboards as well. About which, I will give you information later.

What’s most important is what we wanted to know about keyboards. It would be great if he knew.

So that’s why I will not tell you about each keyboard or its type, I will tell you the buttons which are on the keyboard.

What are the functions of special buttons on the keyboard?

1. Arrow Key 

Through this button, you can move the cursor up, down, right, and left. Not only this, you can do step by step up down right left through this.

2. Backspace Key 

With the backspace button, you can go back one step at a time. If you only go one step ahead. For some work, you can turn it back.

3. Caps Lock

Then we use Caps Lock. When we have to write the small letters in capital letters. For this, you have to press the Caps Lock button once.

After that, all your English letters will be there. They will all be capitalized. And you can write them in the capital. If you want to write in small again, you can close it by pressing caps to lock again.

4. Ctrl Key

This is called the control button. We use it with other buttons. Suppose if we want to select So we’ll press Control plus A. If we want to copy, we’ll press Control+C. Similarly, its work is done with different buttons.

5. Delete Key

If we want to delete any document from the computer. So we will select that or above that document. And after pressing the delete button given on the keyboard, that document folder will be deleted.

6. Enter Key

We use the Enter key the most. Because when we have to work in a document or we are writing something. Press enter to write it down. This we have to OK any option. So for that also we press Inter, so in such a situation, Enter has a lot of work.

7. Escape Key

Its job is to cancel or go back to any program or application. Suppose you are working in Microsoft Office. Now you want to remove it. Or you want to get out there.

Then you press this button. So you will come back, you will have opened all the application documents, etc. If you keep pressing this button. So all your functions which were on will be closed.

8. (F1 – F12)

Function keys are used for a number of specific tasks. These are on the surface above the computer keyboard. We use them as functions in different functions. We can also use them directly.

For example, if F1 is pressed. When we are not doing any work on the computer. So this opens us to a dialog box of instructions. Where we were told.

What and how can we do on computers. If we talk about f5. So if we press this F5 then our computer will be refreshed. So all of them have different functions in the same way. Which we do in different situations.

9. Numeric Keys

Our number buttons are from 0 to 9. If we need no. So we use them. These are from 0 to 9 on all computers. We use them for maths.

10. Shift Key 

Then we use it. When we want to make a capital letter. For this, we have to press the shift button. And after that, we can do whatever we want to capitalize in the alphabet word.

11. Spacebar 

As I have told you earlier. The keyboard has one longest button. Which is the space button. When we have to bring space in between a word. Then we use it.

12. Tab Key

We also use it for space. But when we have to do a little more space. That’s when we use it. Because it gives space up to five alphabets.

I gave you information about each button on the keyboard. From here you have to know how to use the keyboard. Will have got the information if you have any problem with it. So you tell us by commenting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How many function keys are there on a keyboard?

The function keys on the keyboard are from F1 to 12.

2. How many number keys are there on the keyboard?

The number keys on the keyboard are from 0 to 9.

3. How many shift buttons are there on the keyboard?

There are two shift buttons on the keyboard.

4. How many duplicate buttons are there on the keyboard and which Are

The keyboard has duplicate buttons Shift and Caps Lock.

5. Which is the longest button on the keyboard?

The longest button on the keyboard is the button to touch.

6. The number of features on a keyboard.

There are three essential characteristics of any communication. Obtain, analyze, and retransmit. The three traits listed above can be applied to a wide variety of ideas that come to mind.

7. What characteristics do a keyboard and mouse have?

The user can type letters and figures on the keyboard, and they can position the pointer, draw, and use the mouse to click on mouse buttons to run programs.

8. What exactly is a keyboard used for?

Using a keyboard, you can input letters, words, and numbers into your computer. When you type, you press each key on the keyboard separately. On the right of the keyboard, you can also find the number keys across the top.

9. What are the keyboard’s three primary purposes?

A person can type a document, use keystroke shortcuts, access menus, play games, and complete a number of other tasks with a keyboard.

10. What do the seven special keyboard keys do?

These shortcuts come in handy for text processing and file management tasks in particular.

  • save using Ctrl-S.
  • Open using Ctrl-O.
  • new (Ctrl-N).
  • copy with Ctrl-C.
  • paste using Ctrl-V.
  • snip with Ctrl-X.
  • Undo is accessible by pressing Ctrl-Z.
  • Choose all using Ctrl-A.

11. Which four varieties of keyboards are there?

According to their size and key count, the four main styles of computer keyboard used globally are QWERTY, AZERTY, DVORAK, and QWERTZ.

12. What do each of a keyboard’s 12 function keys do?

The key F1.
the key F2.
the key F3.
the key F4.
the key F5.
the key F6.
the key F7.
the key F8.

13. What are the five components of the keyboard and what do they do?

The majority of desktop keyboards are made up of five primary components. These components consist of the arrow keys, control keys, function keys, alphanumeric keypad, and numeric keypad.


So finally friends, I gave you information about the keyboard to you guys. How did you like this information About the keyboard, I told you about all the functions, which buttons you can use and how.

I hope you got to know a lot in the post. If you do not understand something in this post I have told you. So you can ask us by commenting. With this, keep visiting the website regularly, and we will keep bringing new posts for you. Thank you.

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