What is ROM (Read Only Memory) Complete Concept in 2024

What is ROM: The full name of ROM is Read-Only Memory. That is, its data can only be read.

Cannot add new data. Because it is given by Manufactures only by writing once.

Instructions related to Computer Functionality are stored in ROM. Which also includes turning on the computer.

This is called ‘Booting’. Apart from computers, Washing Machines, Microwave Ovens, and other electronic devices are also programmed by ROM itself.

What is ROM? Features &Types of ROM

ROM is a non-volatile memory. Meaning the stored data in it is available forever. Data is not deleted even after the power is off. This is also the primary memory of the computer.

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Features of ROM

  • Let us now look at the features of the ROM.
  • ROM is a permanent memory or permanent memory.
  • In this, the instructions for all the basic functionalities of the computer are stored.
  • ROMs are readable only. Meaning that the information in it can only be read.
  • Talking about the price, then ROM is cheaper than RAM.
  • ROMs use very little energy, and they are very reliable.

How does ROM work?

ROM is the size of a chip that is connected to the motherboard and CPU, the work of ROM is done as storage. Inside it, we can save any data.

Such as software and applications, apps, documents, etc. It is a permanent storage device. With ROM, we can directly access any data or video, file at any time.

In this, we can also install software and keep the ROM booting process of our computer or mobile and help us to start the system.

This is an important part of our computer or mobile. Without this, we cannot store data on computers or mobile.

I hope this whole topic is called ROM. You must have understood the advantages and disadvantages of PROM, EROM, and EEROM and their features, and how it works. Share this and if you have any questions or suggestions then write in a comment.

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ROM Types:

There are 4 types of ROM which are as follows-



This is such a ROM that we can update it once by changing it. Then we can never update or change it.

What happens is that there are some small fuses inside which instructions are inserted through programming. Then once it is programmed, it cannot be erased again.

This digital memory is like an IC and is used in CRT monitors. It is a permanent time program, and the data stored in it is also permanent. This mostly happens in electrically powered devices.


This ROM was used a lot earlier but now no one uses it. It is a read-only memory hard-wired device. Out of which pre-programmed data and instructions are stored.

At that time, this type of memory was very expensive but in today’s time, they are not found anywhere.


It is a chip that stores the computer’s data after the computer is turned off. It is used for P.C.O. Computer is done in TV Tuner. In this data is inserted and erased with the help of a laser.

The special thing about this ROM is this. That we can easily erase it and also program it.

But the way to erase this memory is quite different. This memory is passed through Ultra Violet light for about 40 minutes. Then this memory is empty. “EPROM Eraser” is also used to achieve this task.

The charge is inserted inside it while programming. Which is kept for more than ten years because there is no way for the charge to drain out.

So it stays inside that memory. To erase this charge, Ultra Violet Light is passed through a Quartz Crystal Window. With the effect of this light, all the charge gets erased.

Advantages of EPROM:

It was very cheap. It can be reprogrammed. When there is no power supply. Even then it retains the data. Testing and debugging can be done in it.

Disadvantages of EPROM:

The transistor used in EPROM has a very high resistance. It consumes more power. It requires ultraviolet light to erase the data, and cannot be erased with an electrical signal.

In this, like EEPROM, a particular byte cannot be erased, that is, all the data in it is erased.

In order to erase and reprogram the data in EPROM, it has to be removed from the computer. Programming in this is very slow. Its price is high compared to PROM.


Whenever there was a change in technology, then the ROM also needed to be changed, due to which this memory was used because with this we can erase 10 thousand times, and can also be programmed.

In this, some size of data is stored after the computer is turned off. It is connected to the motherboard of the computer. Its job is to turn on the computer.

This tube acts as a lighter starter. In this, you can read any data, erase it, or you can write it again, but for this, you have to give a signal from the byte.

Nowadays, some different types of EEPROM are also used to store slightly larger-size data in ROM. It has a limited time.

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