Basic SEO Introduction in 2024

Basic SEO Introduction: Hello, friends welcome to all of you. In today’s post, we will know how the Google search engine

Gives us instructions to do search engine optimization.

I will teach you this in three parts. You will get the complete Google concept. First of all today’s post. In this, you will get information about the introduction.

Here I will introduce what Google wants. And in what way does the search engine work? So let’s start the post.

Basic SEO Introduction 

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Basic SEO Introduction

Search Engine Optimization works to optimize and optimize our content and photos.

The information we are putting on the Internet. Are the right people watching him? Is our information reaching the people?

Are we writing what we are making? Millions of people are visiting it or not. And the process done to make our written content reach as many people as possible is called Search Engine Optimization.

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Search Engine Optimization learning Process

To learn this, we will follow three procedures. And in all these three processes you will get different information.

First information can contain very basic and general techniques. After that, it has to be improved. So what are the first 3 techniques and processes? Let’s discuss them.

  • All About Basics
  • Beginner SEO
  • Advanced SEO

To get complete information about Search Engine Optimization, we have to read 3 steps under three processes.

First of all the basic concept which we will understand easily. And after that, in the beginning, Search Engine Optimization, and in the third step, we have to get information about Advanced Search Engine Optimization.

Now we will understand these three. What do we have to learn from these three? What information should I take from you all three?

And according to Google, we have to learn these three and what is inside them. I am going to give information about that.

All About Basics

What you’re about to learn inside All About Basic. Let me prepare you below in his list. So that when you will read its full post.

So you would already know. That I am going to read this and am going to learn. So inform once to all the important points reading in it.

  • Information on how to start
  • how to google search works
  • how to get your website on google
  • How to optimize the website in search engine
  • How our website is performing in search engines
  • Do we need SEO Expert

Beginner SEO

Basic information you will get. From that, you will get to learn the first step. In the second state, you will get to know about Beginner SEO.

There are some important topics in that too. Which you can get to learn about. Their full list is below.

  • How to get started
  • How to google search works
  • SEO Beginner Policy Rules
  • Definition of indexing
  • Business info update in google
  • Basic Concept of Search Console

Advanced SEO

After getting information about Basic and Beginner SEO, you will have to take information about Advanced SEO. And what will you have to do with it?

And what will you get to learn in it? His complete list is also given below. And on the basis of that, you will be given the complete concept of it.

And inside Advance, you will find a lot of information. Because it is advanced. And there are various important topics in it which you will have to learn. And it may take more time. But we will try to explain it in simple language in a simple way.

  • How to start
  • How search engine works
  • Search methods
  • Search Console Advance Rules

Advance search guidelines

  • Overview of the guideline
  • webmaster guideline information
  • Journal guideline
  • Content Guidelines
  • Quality guideline

Crawling and Indexing topic

  • What happens on the side
  • What is robot txt
  • meta tag
  • crawler management
  • Removal
  • duplicate URL
  • More …

Advance has more topics than this. About which we should know. Now I do not tell about all the topics and make lists of some important topics. which we are going to read next.

  • Post structure data
  • Post snippet check
  • Feature snippet of a website
  • P post image search Optimisation
  • Data structure Optimisation

How to learn SEO according to Google?

Google gives us complete information. That’s how we have to do search engine optimization on our website.

And what to do to bring maximum traffic to show the content videos and posts of your website.

What is the process to learn SEO?

For this process, first, we have to take the basic concept. After that, you have to do Beginner SEO. And in the final, you have to get information about SEO.

He has to apply. You have to understand all three processes. And go on implementing the work step by step.

Note Alert:

The information given above is only the concept and process of Google SEO. Which we have to do. And what to learn. It has been told about him.

Related to this if you want to get complete information. So you have to read three posts on this website of ours.

Only after reading all three of them, you will understand the whole concept.

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