What is social media Concept with Example in 2024

What is social media What are social media Hello friends welcome to all of you?

In which post am I going to tell you today? That what is social media is.

What is the use of social media nowadays? And what is done in it? It is the most popular platform today. Which is being used by everyone in the world.

Because of this, in today’s post, I will give you information about it, the most popular social media comes under Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, etc. It is all one network. who has reached the people through the Internet?

With this, social media and the Internet are moving ahead with the logo. Social media is a communication platform.

Where people share their feelings with each other. Along with this, we also call it communication media. With its help, people can spread their information all over the world at any time. Through this, we can also talk with our friends and family members.

Social Media Platforms


It is one such service. Which people can use for free. That’s why it’s so popular. Because you do not have to pay money to join it.

Now, this is absolutely true. Where you can get free stuff. That’s what everyone reads. On this platform, people get a chance to create their profiles.

And also get a chance to make friends by adding other people with you. That’s why it is so popular nowadays. So we cannot even think about how popular it will be going forward.


It is a platform that millions of people keep using every single second. So, its specialty will also be very much, that’s why. People are more engaged in it. So let’s also know about its features.

  • It runs only through the Internet, so it is called a web-based service.
  • we can connect other people with us
  • We can create our profile on social media account
  • A request is sent to make friends on social media
  • It runs from the internet, if there is no internet then it cannot be run.

How do we use Social?

We can use social media in two ways. The only one we can use for entertainment and taking knowledge. And can use as another business brand.

So now I will explain to you about these two and tell you what we have to do in these two.

1. Personal use

We can do personal use for entertainment and for taking knowledge. If we are involved. So we have to like the group and page.

And they have to join. Because there is so much information out there. which is new. And from here we can get some information.

2. Business Use

If you do any business. So you can create your own professional page and group on social media. So that you can share your information with people.

Can provide new information to its visitors. So if we will use social media as a business. So we have to build a brand of our own. And have to be updated regularly. And you have to keep sending new information to the people.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits of social media. If we are engaged in social media. So we should know about it. We build such a relationship through social media.

Where we maintain regular connections with our friends and relatives. With this, here we can make friends. Can work with them, and share information with them.

We can get very accurate information from here. About which we are not already aware. Here we can communicate with our friends. can chat. And you can also share that feeling with yourself.

If you stay more engaged in it. And waste more and more of your precious time in it. So it can also have a negative effect. So let’s know what are the benefits.

We can get answers by leaving our questions on social media

Through this, we can contact different types of people.

If we are away from our relatives then we can make a video call audio calls with them through this

We can take our photos and share them on social media and everyone can see that photos.

We can do online learning through social media

we can do group conversations and communication by creating a group


As I mentioned above the advantages of social media. Similarly, see the discussion about its disadvantages as well. Where there is profit there is also loss.

Therefore, whatever is giving us profit, the same thing can also make us lose. We just need to understand this.

What we have to do and what not to do, the unfaithful details of social media known.

Makes our privacy public

Everyone knows about us

Because of this, we do not spend our precious time with family and spend it with it.

The wrong information is also found the most

We waste our precious time talking to people

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is social media?

It is a network. Where people communicate with each other. In this network, people create their profiles.

And send friend requests to each other. The two do not become friends until the person on the other side accepts the request.

2. What are the benefits of social media?

We can communicate through it. can make friends. Can share new information. You can talk with your relatives. Can do audio and video calling.

3. What are the benefits of social media?

There are so many benefits of social media. There are so many benefits too. Through social media, we waste our time. Pay more attention to wrong activities. We engage in social media regularly.

4. Why is social media important for our lives?

It is not even so important in our life. But if we will not connect with social media at present. So we will not get to know about the event happening in the world.

And what is happening around us? We will not get any information about that either. That’s why social media is playing an important role in our lives.


Friends, I have given you a lot of information about social media. There is more information than this. But if you want to get information about basic social media.

So you have enough information. This is what I am trying to say to you through this post. Social media is one such network. with which we can associate. And it has some advantages and some disadvantages. So we also have to take advantage.

And if you want to avoid harm, then friends, I just want to give this message to you. That whatever information you have got through this post, implement it in your life and share this post with your friends. And subscribe to our website for upcoming new posts thank you

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