How to Increase Website Traffic using SEO in 2024

How to Increase Website Traffic: Friends, today’s topic is going to be very important.

For those people who are either already bloggers, or want to do blogging. Want to make a career in blogging. But they have no knowledge about SEO. Today’s article is going to be very helpful for them.

See, today there is a lot of contact on the Internet, and new bloggers keep coming every day. But there are many such bloggers too. Those who are not successful and they give up blogging.

What could be the reason for this? That, someone, made a blog and did not get many views on it or it could not come up on the search result.

Well, there can be many reasons for this to happen. But if you have made good content and have made it on a topic that is also in the topic discussion. But still, if your article was not able to color on Google search engine or on any search engine. So what could be the reason behind that?

We give you the answer. The answer is SEO, today we are going to talk about this in our article. That’s how you can improve the ranking of your blog in the search results, and increase the views of your article. And when the views become more, you can also earn good money through it.

What is SEO?

SEO of the blog means that its search engine optimization has to be done. It has become very important in today’s time. Because without its help, your blog cannot rank on Google or on any search engine.

There are many ways to do blog SEO. By adopting a few methods, you can implement SEO in your blog, and make your website or your blog article appear on the first page.

How to Increase Website Traffic using SEO

Here we are going to tell you. About such steps or methods by adopting which you can also make your blog SEO friendly.

  • Focus on keyword research
  • Pay attention to what people are searching
  • Write Seo Friendly Headlines
  • Use the right headings and tags
  • Optimize Your Page’s URL
  • Improve your links
  • don’t forget the meta description
  • Use images
  • Keep track of page loading times
  • Promote article

If you will use these 10 strategies, to make your blog SEO friendly, then you can definitely take your blog to new heights. Now we will tell you in detail how you will do SEO setting in the blog.

1. Do Keyword Research

The most basic concept of any SEO strategy. Keyword Research If your keyword research is good. So by adding it to your blog, you can improve the ranking of your blog in the search engine.

This is the most important thing to keep in mind in keyword research. That you do not add more keywords than necessary. If you do this, Google may even take your site down, and it may place you at the very end of search results. So keywords should be used carefully.

If you are a new blogger, which is the best way. That he has someone to paint it. That you include a little less difficult and high volume keywords in your article or blog.

You have to keep in mind that you do not have to compare yourself with the big website nor do you have to target those keywords. Which big websites are already using. You have to use another keyword. Which he has not used in his article.

So that if any person searches for something with those keywords, then your own website log in then ranks well in article search results.

Now if you are a new blogger. So you obviously don’t know this. How will you do keyword research? So for that also we are telling you some website or software. Using this you can also easily search for keywords and add them to your blog.

Some of the famous keyword tools are:

You can use the above-mentioned tools. With this you will be able to make your article SEO friendly, you will be able to analyze it better and you will also be able to write keyword research in your article or blog.

So in this way, you can do keyword research with the help of all these tools, and improve the search ranking of your article or blog.

2. Pay attention to what people are searching

The most important thing is this. That you have to keep this in mind. Why is your audience looking for answers to questions? Because Google’s algorithm is like this. That he finds the same sites and brings him to the first page. Sites on which the keyword searched by the user is written.

So to come on the first page in the search ranking, you need to know your audience. But how would you do that? So we tell you the solution to that too.

Whenever you search on Google about anything. So apart from the search result, you will see that it is written there, ‘people also ask’ and ‘searches related to’ (search is related), and thus you get information about other things. is. Which has been asked by different people.

You just need to pay attention to these things. Because this is the question or should we say these are the keywords, which can improve the ranking of your website or blog.

These are all those questions. Which people often ask., then you can also include them in your article, and the kind of answers in your competitors. You can include them in your article by making them a better place.

In this way, if someone else is also looking for answers to these questions, and if you have exactly the same questions in the article in your blog, then your article will appear first.

3. Write Seo Friendly Headlines

This is the most important thing to writing Seo-friendly articles. That your heading should be attractive enough that people can’t stay without clicking it. That is, he cannot leave your article. You have to put some attractive heading like this. So that your audience read your article only right.

This is also because Google gives priority to those websites. Which users are clicking more.

To make your heading appealing, you first need to show your audience what it is. What will they gain from reading your blog? If you talk about the benefits, then people will not be able to live without reading it.

After this you have to fulfill your promise absolutely, you have to provide them with quality articles. They have come to your blog looking for a solution. You have to give that solution to them so that their trust in you remains.

Another way is to create titles that are a mix of powerful words. There should be such an emotional part in it, there should be such an effective thing that the user cannot remain without clicking or seeing it.

Now how do you know whether your headlines are attractive or not? So there is a tool for that too, about which we tell you that tool name is Yoast.

Yoast is a free plugin of wordpress itself. This helps all bloggers so that your title and your content follow all the things, whatever is necessary for SEO.

So you can check the score of your headings with this free tool, and see if the headings you create are attractive or not.

4. Use the right headings and tags

It is also very important to use the right heading and tags. To make your article SEO friendly.

Now comes the question that how you know which heading which tax to use. So if you are working on Google Docs. So you have to go to the menu and select the size of your headings.

Here you are given five types of headings. Which are named Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.

If you use the right headings. So doing SEO will be quite easy.

We also tell you which heading to use in which.

Heading 1 :

This setting can only be used once, and that too for your title. That is, your primary keyword comes under this heading. That is, you have to use this heading only once in your entire article.

Heading 2 :

Here comes my ideas from your article. If we talk about SEO wise, then these headings support both small and big keywords.

Heading 3 :

These are all the topics or those small ideas in your block. Those that fall under your h2 heading.

Heading 4- 6 :

These headings have a low SEO value, and they help with formatting and styling your page.

So in this way you can also use these headings properly in your article and increase your SEO value.

5. Optimize the URL of your page

If you want to see your blog further ahead in the search engine race. So you need to optimize your URL.

This means optimizing the URL. You have to add your target primary keyword to your URL. This will mean that whenever someone searches for something using that keyword, your own article will be displayed first.

Therefore, as far as possible, try to make sure that your primary keyword is complete in your URL.

Apart from this also you should try to take Smart Yuva Rail and it should not be more than 50 to 60 characters. The shorter your URL, the better.

6. Improve your links

You know this thing that the search engine website looks at your every word. Especially definitely notices your keywords. If you do know that it also pays attention to linked keywords.

According to these search engines, the value of linked keywords is high. In comparison to those words and phrases which have not been linked.

There are three types of links. Which you can use as your blog SEO strategy. There are three types:

  1. Anchor Links These are used as hyperlinks to other areas within the article itself.
  2. Internal Links

These links find other helpful content on your site. That is, whatever content you have. work to connect them together.

  1. External Links

These links are linked to someone else’s website. That is, this is the link on which your viewers will be redirected to someone else’s website by clicking on it.

Whatever link I have told you so far, it’s methods. You can also use it in your blog and can increase the SEO ratings of your block and make your blog ko SEO friendly.

7. Don’t forget the meta description

The meta description is the text. Which appears at the bottom of the search results after your headline. You can also call them highlights. Which gives a little hint or information to the people about your article. How is your article going to be next? , about what to tell.

Now we tell you what things you can keep in mind while writing your meta description, and you can do SEO setting in your blog.

Your meta description should be between 50 to 160 words here characters. So that it can attract the attention of the people.

Your solution should appear in your meta description. Whatever you want to give to the user. This will attract people’s attention to your article, and they will not be able to stop themselves from reading your article.

One or two keywords must be included in your meta description. For this, you have to use such keywords. Which most people search. One more thing to remember. That your keywords should appear naturally in your meta description. You can’t add it intentionally.

Keep in mind the things mentioned above. So you and your blog will get the benefit of SEO very soon, and a lot of traffic will also start coming to your block here on your site if you have used all the blog SEO settings mentioned so far.

8. Use images

Whenever many people use images or pictures in their blogs. So they forget to optimize the picture.

Yes, you heard it right if you want to set SEO settings in your blog. So it is very important that whatever images you are using. Optimize them properly for your blog.

Now here is what it means by optimizing the images. That you can change its name to the name of your keyword. You do this because search engines won’t see your message the way you and I do.

Search engines look at the description of the image file, and inside the description also see the title and image alt text and try to understand it. Similarly, we divide it into categories as well.

That’s why whatever image you are using here. Change the name of that image and put your keywords in there.

Apart from this, you can also use your blog’s keywords in its title and alt text before uploading it.

Whenever you are adding your keywords to the description of your image. So make sure to note that your description should not be more than 100 characters.

Apart from this, whenever you are using images in your blog. So keep in mind that it is not too big.

Whenever you use an image. Definitely reduce its size, because if the size of the image will be bigger. So your blog post or website will take a lot of time to load and users will leave without reading your article.

So pay attention to this and definitely resize your images.

9. Keep track of page loading times

If your blog post or website will take a lot of time to load. So it is obvious that users will leave without reading your article. Therefore, pay attention to this thing, and do not spend too much time loading your site.

The truth is that no one likes to wait at all today. So it is obvious that if your website will get too much time to load, then the user will go to someone else’s website and find the answer to his question. Why would he wait for your side to open?

Nowadays most people run the net through mobile and find their answers on it. So you have to arrange this too. Make your site work as well on mobile and work as fast as it would on a computer or tablet.

Now comes the question. How do you know how much time your website is taking? We can help you with this as well. We are telling you such tools. With this help of which you will know how much time it is taking to open your website.

Those tools by which you can find out the loading speed of your site. Their names are web. dev and Google’s page speed insights.

You can use both of these tools to see how long your site is taking. In being loaded and if any improvement is needed then you can do that too.

Now, which improvement are we talking about here? Which you can do before publishing your article.

So let’s find out.

  • You can compress your image.
  • If your page contains plugins that are not required. then you can remove them.
  • You can use any of the best hosting plans so that the speed of your side can be high.
  • So you can use these three methods mentioned by us and reduce the time of opening of your site.

10. Promote Your Article

When you are a new blogger. So you get so excited. That you feel that you should write more and more blogs and articles. This is the only way. To present yourself to the world and grow your readers and your audience. Such bloggers try to write as many articles as possible as soon as possible. They also write, but even after that, they get disappointed if they do not get that much popularity.

See, it is true that when you are a blogger, you do not have an idea of ​​many things about the market. You feel like you will write more. Then you will get success soon. Will write all kinds of articles. Then people will reach you. Will read your articles and you will be able to earn money later.

But there is no truth in this at all. Just writing is not enough. Yes, you heard it right.

If you want to bring more traffic to your blog. So the most important thing for that is that you promote your site as much as possible. Your writing should be 20% and your promotion should be 80%.

When you will promote your blog as much as possible. Only then more traffic will come to your blog. But how do you promote your article? So you don’t have to worry about that either. We tell you some solutions for that.

1. By writing a guest post

You publish your article on someone else’s block. So you get a link. This link can act as a backlink for your blog. Now whenever someone clicks on this link, will come to your blog. So Google will take it. That there must be some quality content in your block. That’s why people want to read it. So Google will also promote your article or your blog and your search engine ranking will also improve.

2. Social Media Promotion

How will people know? That you have written a new article. For this, you can promote your blog on social media. You can share the link there, and tell people that you have written a blog on this topic. Whatever people will be interested in it. He will definitely do your block through your link.

3. Promote Old Posts

You can rewrite your old block article. Or you can update and share it. You can change its title, and in this way, you can attract the attention of social media to your website or blog.

4. Promote via Email List

You can create an email list for yourself using your newsletter and welcome in emails. Now, whenever you are publishing an article. So you can share the link of your article on those emails, and add a little role to it. So that people can know what your article is about.

Through this also, whoever will be interested in reading your article, will definitely read your article by clicking on that link.

5. Link your blog to Pinterest

Whenever you need organic traffic for your blog or website. So there is no better option for that than Pinterest.

You can use its traffic. You can post a short version of your article there, and read the whole article. By sharing the link there, readers can redirect to your blog.

This will also bring you organic traffic and your views will also increase.

6. Networking with other bloggers

If you are becoming an expert in your niche. So you are another blogger who is working in your own niche. You can increase friendships with them and help them too.

Through this, you can email other bloggers. You can podcast by becoming a guest on their block. You can also do question and answer rounds with them, or you can also interact together on YouTube. All these ways develop a sense of mutual cooperation and people also feel that you are a good personality.

So you saw that through how many ways you can promote your article, you can easily increase organic traffic to your blog post, and you can do SEO in your blog.


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