How to earn money from YouTube in 2024

How to earn money from YouTube: we will tell you how to earn money from YouTube by becoming a YouTuber…

creating your channel on YouTube, and earning money by uploading videos on it.

For this, you need to enable monetization on YouTube and associate your YouTube channel with AdSense.

For your better convenience, we will guide you step by step in detail on how to upload videos on YouTube and how you can earn money online through YouTube. So let’s get started.

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How to earn money from YouTube

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform where you can find all kinds of videos. It includes a wide range of content, from entertainment videos to those related to science or technical tutorials.

Millions of people watch videos on YouTube every day, and many individuals are earning money by uploading their own videos on the platform.

To earn money from YouTube, the first thing you need to do is discover your inner talent, meaning, identify the type of videos you can create.

Some people create videos related to cricket, some sing songs and create music videos, while others make videos showcasing interesting tricks.

Similarly, you need to choose a topic in which you have good knowledge, and then create videos on that topic.

It’s important to select a niche or subject that aligns with your interests and expertise. Once you’ve identified your niche, you can start creating high-quality videos and build a consistent presence on YouTube.

Additionally, you can monetize your videos through various means, such as YouTube’s Partner Program, sponsorships, affiliate marketing, and more.

Remember, building a successful YouTube channel takes time and dedication, so stay consistent, engage with your audience, and continuously improve your content.

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To earn money from YouTube, you need the following:

  1. Choose a topic for which you will create videos.
  2. Have the skills to make videos.
  3. Create a YouTube channel where you will upload videos.
  4. Create an AdSense account; YouTube will send your earnings through AdSense.

1. How to Create Videos for YouTube :

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with a good-quality camera, so you can create videos using your mobile phone’s camera.

If you want to produce high-quality HD videos, you can also invest in a good camera.

Additionally, there are many excellent software options available on the internet that can help you enhance the quality of your videos.

2. How to Create a YouTube Channel :

As we mentioned earlier, you will need a YouTube channel to upload your videos. To create a YouTube channel, it is essential to have a Gmail ID.

Firstly, visit and click on the “Sign in” option. Now, you can log in to YouTube by entering your Gmail ID and password. After logging in, you can create your YouTube channel with a name of your choice.

3. How to Upload Videos on YouTube :

Before earning money from YouTube, it’s crucial to understand the guidelines for uploading videos on the platform.

Many individuals download others’ YouTube videos and upload them to their own channels, but this practice is not allowed. If you engage in such activities, YouTube may suspend your channel.

It’s essential to avoid uploading copyrighted videos or any content that violates YouTube’s policies. Additionally, uploading explicit or inappropriate content is illegal.

Therefore, only upload well-made videos that you have created yourself on YouTube.

4. YouTube Earning :

Many people may still be confused about why one can earn money by creating videos on YouTube. The reason is that when you watch a video on YouTube, you often see advertisements.

These advertisements appear before the YouTube video starts and sometimes during the video.

The more people watch your video, the more views the advertisements also get. You earn money based on the number of views these advertisements receive. In other words, the more views your videos get, the more you earn from YouTube.

5. How to Monetize Your Video :

To monetize your videos, you need to create them and upload them to your YouTube channel. After that, you have to enable the monetization option for your videos.

In fact, if you don’t monetize, advertisements won’t appear on your video, so it’s essential to monetize your video.

To monetize your video, click here – and enable the monetization option.

Now go to your video manager, click on the dollar sign icon next to each video, and you can monetize all your videos this way.

6. How to Withdraw Money from YouTube to Your Bank Account :

Now that advertisements are appearing on your videos on YouTube, and you’re earning, you need to add an AdSense account to YouTube because your earnings will be transferred to your bank account through AdSense.

To connect your YouTube channel to AdSense,

Click here –

Now, click on the “How will I be paid?” option. You will find an option to associate an AdSense account, click on it.

After clicking, you can log in to your AdSense account and connect it to YouTube.

7. When Do You Receive Money from YouTube :

YouTube sends money through the AdSense account, and payment is sent only after reaching a threshold of $100 in AdSense.

So, first, create 4-5 good videos, increase their views, and then add your bank account to AdSense.

AdSense sends payments on the 21st of each month if you have reached the $100 threshold, and the money will be transferred to your bank account.

We have explained in detail the ways to earn money from YouTube. We have tried to clarify each point thoroughly, and we hope that this article will be extremely helpful for you, and you will also succeed in earning money online through YouTube.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can write to us in the comments. We will try our best to solve every problem you may have!

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