What is PHP? PHP Definition & History in 2024

What is PHP? It is a Server Scripting Language. This language is used to create dynamic web pages.

It is used to build very large websites. Is a very powerful tool to create a dynamic and static website. It is used in website design. And in this code like C, C ++, Java is written. Codes and programs are executed inside the computer.

PHP can be used in Unix, Linux, and Windows. It is a scripting language that is useful for controlling web applications and web pages on the server side.

What is PHP and How to Learn PHP Language

If you know any language out of C, C ++, and Java, then you can easily learn PHP. And using it you can create a website.


which is a WEB-BASED PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE that was created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995.

In the beginning, he wrote a program called Common Gateway Interface (CGI), c programming was used to write it.

Through this program, he made his home page. Due to their special interest, he used his database to create web pages.

Then the name of this language became the reason, that name was Personal HomePage / Form Interpreter or PHP / IF also started being spoken.

This language was used to design the dynamic webpage. After this, to make this language better. A tool was developed which was named.

Home page tool 1.0 | By 2013, a lot of new features were added to it. PHP HTML embedded was made and this PHP gradually started to be used in making big websites around the world. This was a short history of PHP.

Who made PHP?

This Language was created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. He first wrote its CGI component in C language and started using it for his homepage.

After this, he extended it to enable connectivity to Web Forms and databases. After this, he named it Personal Home Page / Forms Interpreter ie PHP / FI.

Why use PHP?

It can be run on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X, and many more. PHP can be installed and run on almost all servers like Apache, IIS, and Nginx. It is very easy to teach this.

What is the use of PHP?

  • A dynamic website or web application can be created.
  • The website can be connected to the database.
  • What is PHP
  • Data can be inserted, updated, or deleted in the database through PHP.
  • A user login system can be created. There can also be server-side validation.
  • Through PHP, you can decide which user can access which page.
  • Forms can be created through which data can be input from the user and stored in the database.
  • Email can be sent and received.
  • The browser’s cookies can be set and accessed.
  • Data encryption and decryption can also be done.

How to learn PHP?

Above we have talked about almost everything about PHP, and now we talk about how and where to learn PHP. To learn this, you can go for a course in your nearby institution

. Apart from this, you can also learn it by visiting the official website of w3school. If you talk about the YouTube channels, then vishAcademy is the best Hindi channel where you can easily learn the PHP language.

If you want to check the PHP video in the English language, then you can follow ProgrammingKnowledge’s channel.

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