Application of Computer: We can use computers everywhere. Where most work is done.

Like the business sector, non-profitable sector, hospitals, communication, engineering sector, education sector, officer sector, etc.

We will also discuss them in this post. With the same, as many of these places have been mentioned above.

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Application of Computer

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1. Computer in Industry and Business 

Computers are used in a wide variety of systems in the industry. Computer-controlled robots are used in industrial robots to perform many complex tasks.

Computer-controlled programmable messages They can perform mechanical work. Like choosing and placing welding different parts for painting car it is.

A computer program is used to design a model of a product on a computer. This process is called Computer-Aided Design for CAD. AutoCAD can test the designed product with the help of the computer. when the design is complete. So the actual product happens.

2. Computer in Hospital

The main function of a computer in a hospital is to connect it to surgical machines and monitor deployments during operations and other clinical research.

It is an example. Missing Used CAT, Scan MRI, and My exam which is operated through the computer. It decides. The work of the hospitals is also done record-keeping. Which can be easily obtained when required.

3. Computer in Communication

You can call any person far and near to any person from far and wide. And conversely, the telecommunications computer has made it possible to word the world of the global village.

With which you can talk for a long time through the Internet. – With the connected computer you can make friends with people inside and outside the country, regardless of STD or ISD bills. and can exchange ideas.

4. Computer in Engineering

Computers are being used today to generate technical designs for the construction of bridge houses and village huts. This job was done on paper by the watch engineer.

And he had to re-read the entire drawing to meet any charges. There is software available for drawing these days.

The engineering design created the design by simply inputting the revert data. And the designed-purpose computer produced modern data with incredible capabilities.

5. Computers in Banks

It was a tradition in Tres Legends to dress descriptions of the accounts of thousands of people.  But the computer of any account holder is used to throw away the account details.

In no time their account number can be viewed by typing and pressing a button. These days banks are connected through networks.

And the facility is being provided to the consumers to deposit and withdraw cash from any branch online banking online shopping credit card.

6. Computer in Education

Computers have brought many dropping charges to our society. Its contribution to the further education sector has been really amazing. Computers have taken the education system all over the world to a different level.

It is now used in various ways in the education sector. And has changed. The way it looked like a great degree in schools earlier computers are used to teach subjects like math science and geography using computers.

The teacher is not required to draw and erase the diagram map on the board again and again. And the available maps and diagrams can be displayed on the screen by pressing a button on the computer.

And this can be easily studied by cleaning them using etc. dyes. Also historical event sites such as experiments and developments through visual computers.

7. Computer in Office

They decide to type the letters in the offices and send their printed output. Live computing employees’ salaries are calculated on the computer.

Sending messages through faxes can be sent by email using the Internet facility. Computers are taking us into that area.

Where offices will be paper-free. Places that help us save our trees and forests.

Some Important FAQ

1. What is meant by the Application of a Computer?

Application of computer means. In which sector the computer is used? And what are its sectors? Where it is taken as an important function.

2. Why are computers being used everywhere?

The computer is an advanced electronic machine. With the help of this, we can easily do the most difficult tasks. Which works very fast with one person. That’s why it is used.

3. Where can the computer be used?

There is a lot of space to use the computer. Like Educational, Private, Government, Home, Factory, Office, etc.


In this way, computers are used everywhere. It is used for education to office. It is also used in big factories. With its help, it becomes very easy to work. And we can complete our work in less time.

So the main reason for using a computer is that with the help of it any work is done easily and correctly. You would feel If there is more sector than this, then you are thinking absolutely right. There are many such sectors. Where the computer is used. I have explained only about some important sectors.

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