What is Computer Output Devices with Definition in 2024

Output Device: Any peripheral that converts stored binary coded data into a convenient external form such as text and images.

The output device is known as the output.

is the process starter. that can be used immediately or stored in a computer-usable form for character use.

Output can be hard copy or soft forward. A hard copy is a permanent version of the output in either copy or both.

As a paper printed on paper using a printer soft copy is a temporary version. And that includes any output. Which cannot be given a soft copy in physical form. Output devices include monitors and speakers. Some popularity is used.

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Output Device

You will find different types of output devices below. I will explain them all and tell you. What are the output devices? And how does its work? And that’s all we need to go about.

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1. Monitor

The monitor is a screen on which ward numbers and graphics can be seen. Monitor The most common output device is a monitor screen.

Which is used to display graphics. And there are different types of text monitors. And there are CRT monitors with older picture tube-type cathode-ray tubes.

Most of the newer personal computers still available are sold with flat-screen liquid crystal displays. LCD liquid crystals are sandwiched between two sheets of LCD monitor material.

They block this switching effect of some light waves due to the electronic current passing through the crystal. And others allow light waves. To make an image on the screen to pass through.

2. Cathode Ray Tube

A CTR display is made up of small picture elements called pixels. Better image clarity and resolution are the result of a smaller pixel.

Multiple pixels are combined to form a complete character, for example, the word w is a slow CRT cathode ray tube.

The screen can be divided into a series of character boxes at fixed positions on the screen. CRT computer monitors are found in the form of televisions. Where 80 data characters are horizontal and 25 lines are vertical.

3. Liquid Crystal Display LCD

A liquid crystal display is a type of display used in digital messaging. And many portable computer LCD displays are used to seed polarizing materials with a liquid crystal solution among them.

It is a flat panel display electronic virtual display or video display that uses light module lesson modulation.

The modulating properties of a liquid crystal do not expose it to direct light. Available to display an arbitrary image or fix the image. Which can be displayed or hidden. Such as preset word digits and 7 segment pickup display like a digital clock.

4. Projector

An LCD projector is one such system. that displays or projects information or video into a surface. LCD stands for liquid crystal display The technology used to project the image is to project the LCD project to the technical ll dissatisfaction of overhead and slide projects order systems that serve the same purpose.

LCD projects are most commonly used to display an image in a presentation or lecture. Video signals are compressed by LCD projectors in three colors red, green, and blue.

The panels consist of two plates of glass with a layer of liquid crystal in a separate square for each panel. When a charge is placed between them. So the crystal is open. Whereby the light is blocked through or near the light. This opening and closing of pixels make up the image.

5. Speaker

The speakers provide audio output for movies in stereo. Radio Program Streaming Video Online Learning Course Telephone Because it is a speaker. Which gives you sound as output from your computer. And some are different devices connected to the computer.

6. Plotters

It is an output device. Which is used to create high-quality visuals on paper. It is used for making a presentation facial chart craft table which cannot be obtained by using a printer.

And photographing engineering plans requires drawing a pen movie with the arm and arm. The e-mail event is related to this paper.

Thus a combination of the two provides the moment alone. Clean provides horizontal and virtual asset access to attract high-quality e-design uploaders.

Plotters require high-quality pens with special inks of different colors. Which depends on the software more than anyone. Other ready and much more instructions are needed to redirect the printer output.

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Some different types of Plotter

  • Flatbed plotter
  • Electrostatic plotter
  • Pen plotter
  • Drum plotter

1. Printer

A printer is a peripheral. which gives a person a continuous human-readable representation of graphics or text on paper or similar physical media or on a printer. The ward number which is on the monitor in the paper printer can print the picture.

There are two types of printers

  • Impact printer
  • Non-Impact printer

Impact printer

The Impact Printer prints characters by striking them on the ribbon. Which is then passed on paper.

Impact Printer Features

  • There is very little cost to manufacture.
  • They are making noise or producing sound.
  • Because of their low cost, they are useful for printing large amounts of data.
  • Requirement of physical contact with the paper to print image and data or character

Type of impact printer

  • Character printer
  • Line printer

1. Character printer

Character printers are those printers that print one character at a time, they are further divided into two types.

  • Dot matrix printer
  • Daisy Wheel Printer

A. Dot-matrix printer

They are the most popular printer, dot printer matrix printers are popular because over the years easy ink printing and economical ink price each character printed is in the form of a pattern of torts and the head consists of a matrix of shaped pens


  • Less cost
  • widely used
  • Any language character can be printed


  • Slow-motion
  • Poor in quality

B.Daisy Wheel

The head is lying on a will. And the two letters cross-ponding the pen are like daisy petals. That’s why a printer called Daisy Wheel Printer is commonly used for word processing in the office. Which requires sending some letters here and there.


  • Level over dot mixer printer
  • Better in quality
  • Fonts can be changed easily


  • Slower than dot matrix printer
  • More expensive than a dot matrix printer
  • Noise

2. Line printer

Printers that print one line at a time A line printer
These printers are divided into two types

  • Drum printer
  • Chain printer

A. Drum printer

Drum printers are shaped like a drum. That’s why they are called drum printers. They divide the surface of the drum into several tricks on the surface.

The total tricks are equal to the size of the paper for one paper. Which will be 132 tracks in 132-character drums.

Character set on track Different types of characters which are 48, 64, and 96 characters. A rotation set of drum prints Online drum prints are faster in speed. And can print from 300 to 2000 per minute.


  • Very high speed


  • Very expensive
  • Character points cannot be changed

B.Chain printer

The range of characters in the standard character set is 48, 64 for 69 characters.


  • Character fonts can be changed easily.
  • Different languages ​​can be used with the same printer.


  • Non-impact printer

2. Non-impact printer

Printers that deliver both higher print quality and faster print speeds than impact printers are considered non-impact printers. Printers are popular with both professionals and consumers.

Characteristics of non-impact printers

type of pomade without a printhead that comes into direct physical contact with the paper

Offers faster printing of better quality and the ability to make such prints. Whatever shoppers have given tickets to graphics like photography.

Either solid or liquid cartridge-based links can be used The link is either dropped or electrostatically pulled to the top of the page.

They require a low-maintenance guy and replace the print or toner cartridge.

Non-impact printer types

  • Inkjet printer
  • Laser printer eye

A. Inkjet printers

work in the same way. Images or characters with small dots as in dot matrix printers, although the dots are formed by tiny droplets.

Off-Link inkjet printers draw characters on paper by releasing ink from the 10E nozzle. which emits an electric field.

The ink is absorbed into the paper by converting it into characters at a rate of about 250 characters per second, which settles the income parcel. And the different colors used to get dried up instantly.

B.Laser printer

A laser printer works like a photocopy machine.

Which bonus drum has a special cost coating on the 82 in the beam? Joe’s toner is using a pattern of small dots. The beam transmits information from the computer to A, turning the drum into a pickup positively. Due to this all those areas of the drum get natural icing.

Which detects the toner as per the roll by a drum. The toner is transferred to the paper printing the letters or other graphics. Paper uses a laser printer buffer.

Which stores an entire page at a time when a whole page is loaded. The speed of the laser printer is higher so it will be printed.

7. Robots

Robots are usually electromechanical machines. Or it is an automated mechanical device guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry.

The design for their control and information processing is Construction Corporation’s applications and computer systems robotics. They are automatic machines. who can act like humans? in which they are used.

To work in a place where humans find it difficult to work in a hazardous environment or construction process. A robot transforms a human into a helper to perform that repetitive and dangerous task.

Which humans prefer not to do or even for those who are unable due to size limits. Outer space or at the bottom of the ocean where humans cannot survive in extreme environments.

They use robots in the military and in combat. The possibilities of robot autonomy increase. And the potential stress is being addressed. And perhaps the future is a real concern.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an output device?

The output device shows a soft copy and a hard copy after processing the data. There are different devices of output. Like monitor printer speaker etc.

2. What is Monitor?

The monitor is an output device. Which shows the Visual. It has different types. such as cathode Ray tubes, liquid crystal displays, etc.

3. What is Projector?

The projector is an output device. With its help, we can connect the computer screen to the big screen. It connects to the system. And shows the functions running in the system through the surface.


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