Characteristics of Computer The characteristic of a computer system is a collection of hardware and software components

Designed to provide an effective tool for computation.

Computer systems are used in every sphere of life to help us with various tasks. We enhance the widespread availability of the Internet.

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With this, you want to know. What is a Computer? And the basic concept of computers then you read this post.

The use of computers for information sharing and communication Computer systems allow us to store process performance and communicate information in any modern computer system. Even a simple computer system.

Characteristics of Computer

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1. Speed

A computer is a very fast device. Who can instruct obediently on the sure sea at a very high speed? And of course and without executing any emotion.

It can do a thing in a few seconds. What a person can do in a whole year. If any works. Day and night it can perform complex calculations at a very high speed.

It can do billions of things within a second. The speed of a computer is calculated in MHz. That’s 1 million instructions for seconds.

2. Accuracy

Computer accuracy is consistently high. And the degree of accuracy of a particular computer depends on the type of instructions and process.

The accuracy of the information depends on the given input data and instructions. If the input data is correct.

So the output or information is accurate for a particular computer. And each is calculated. For example, computer accuracy gives the result of the division of any number up to 10 decimal points.

3. Multifaceted talent

Versatility is the quality of a computer. Through which it can perform a variety of functions. This is the same computer.

Who does accounting work in the bank, and designing work, in engineering departments?

Animation studio in railways and airlines prepares book designing of reservation work magazine and newspaper pages.

4. Reliability

The computer constantly does the same thing. It does not argue a filing under external circumstances. And does not get tired after working for many hours.

It can work continuously without being disturbed by the surrounding situation. I have no influence on the computer. Or have a very low failure rate. Free from all these discrepancies and produce reliable results.

5. Storage

Storage is part of the information cycle. which refers to the recording output. So that it is available after the computer is turned off.

And Ram has been wiped out. Computers have many storage devices. A hard disk that can store an amount of data is like a floppy disk. Pendrive CD DVD.

6. Diligence

The computer is that machine. Which does not suffer from human fatigue. Nor is there a decrease in concentration even after working continuously for a long time.

This characteristic of a computer is beneficial for those tasks. Where certain tasks are performed repeatedly. Can perform long and complex calculations from start to finish with equal speed and accuracy.

7. Automation

The computer is an automatically controlled device. which operates automatically. that it automatically controls it.

The computer can automatically provide useful information according to instructions, input, or raw data.

8. association

Computer science has a set of properties. which guarantees. That the database transactions are processed reliably in the context of the database or a single logical operation.

All the data is called the transaction consistency of the computer. Which means. That it never gets tired. And works with 100% accuracy.

9. Arithmetic and Logical Operations

An arithmetic logical operation or unit is part of a computer processor. Which performs automatic and logical operations on the operating computer.

A computer can perform automatic and logical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

10. Communications

Modern computers and the Internet have brought a revolution in the field of communication. So that we can talk to that person far and near conventionally.

And intelligent we can get information news in the sector by the use of a computer. And internet computers are useful in the field of communication.

11. Reasoning Ability

What is the thinking ability of a computer? She is a thousand sins greater than human beings. Because everything in it is managed in this way.

That is the computer if we give instructions. So whatever logic he has stored. puts it on. So all his logic is engaged. Just one click on it.

So all those logic starts working. So what happens with this? The thinking ability of a computer is very fast.

Any person if anything please give instruction in computer. So the computer has logic and all the functions in that instruction. Will use it And will give the output, we just have to use everything well while inputting.

12. No IQ

The computer does not have IQ, meaning the computer cannot work by itself. Until we give him instructions. So that’s why we computers don’t have brains.

Can also say this. So, first of all, we give instructions through input devices in the computer. The computer then takes those instructions. and uses logic.

And gives the output, then we can understand what it means. That computer does not have its own IQ level. If we tell him something through instruction from his IQ level. So he will find out in 1 second. That is what we are looking for, just give us the correct instruction.

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