What is a Computer The computer is an electronic device. One who manipulates information or data.

It is an electronic Machine that is Modified to run with information. It is Taken from the Latin word ‘computer’. The main it can’t do anything without a program to do this calculation.

This symbol represents numbers. Throws a string of binary digits. It is a machine or device. which performs process calculations and operations on a basis of one. provided by a software or hardware program.

What is a Computer?

Instructions on the computer It is designed to execute applications. and offers a variety of solutions combining integrated hardware and software components.

It is made up of many parts and components. Which facilitates the user functionality of the computer.

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Hardware & Software :

Hardware: The physical structure includes the processor, memory storage, communication parts, and other equipment of the computer. Software: The operating system includes power system software and application software.


Works with computer software programs. Which interpersonal station and execution computer to read?

Computers are classified as personal computers, desktop computers, laptop computers, minicomputers, handheld computers, and devices or supercomputers according to their underlying.

Hardware architecture, power capacity size, mobile, and other factors. It is a machine. which can be instructed to perform arithmetic or logical operations.

Automatically Intelligent Computer Programming Modern computers have the ability to follow a generalized set of operations. which is called a program. This program enables the computer to perform extremely detailed tasks externally.

In which the computer hardware operating system and the equipment used for the necessary and complete operation can be referred to as a computer system.

Which can be used to make a group of computers. who is connected? and works together. In particular, a computer network or computer Gloucester computers are used as control systems for a wide variety of industrial and consumer devices, and factory devices.

Such as industrial robots and computer designs and general-purpose devices such as personal computers and mobile devices such as smartphones, the Internet runs on computers.

computer system A functional unit that consists of one or more computers and associated software. Which uses common storage for all or part of a program. And allows the user to access all or part of the data necessary for the execution of the program Executes written or user-designed.

Performs programmable and user-designed data manipulation including automated and logic operations. Its system can be a stand-alone system. Or it may involve survival in interconnected systems.

A complete working computer system would include the computer along with any software and other devices.

that are necessary to create. The computer performs the functions of each computer system. For eg. requirement or operating system.

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We use the machine for the following three main purposes: What is a Computer?

  • For speedy disposal of work
  • To save labor
  • To achieve maximum or total accuracy

It works like our brain. Which has all the above three qualities. Now let’s see. That’s how the human brain works. The human brain has three primary functions.

  • Memory storage
  • Calculation
  • debate

It also performs all the above three functions. Therefore, we can say. That the purpose of the computer and the artificial brain as a program that helps to accomplish the tasks of remembering processing calculations to provide results and to give a solution to the problem after reasoning.

The program is contained in the software. which instructs a computer to perform desired tasks. The term computer can be applied to define some alphabetical order.

Full-Form : What is a Computer?

  • C- Calculate
  • O- Organize
  • M- Memories
  • P- Print
  • U- Update
  • T- Tabulate
  • E- Edit
  • R- Response

We can easily understand the functions of computers from this definition. But if we consider the following accepted definition of computer. Then its meaning will become clear.

It is a machine that manipulates the raw data. And the computer converts it into meaningful information according to the instructions.

Advantage :

  • Very little time to do the calculation
  • Give accurate results
  • Store a large amount of data for the future use
  • Work continuously for a long time
  • Be used in many fields and applications
  • It can work automatically
  • limitations of computer
  • The computer cannot affordable for everyone it is reliability expensive machine
  • when the user gives the data and instructions to the computer to operate it then it can work
  • Need is a skill main power to operate it
  • Cannot think rationally like a human being can do Computer only does the work that is instructed

Why It is mostly used

There are many reasons for using computers mostly. Among these, I will tell you some important reasons. After making the list below, once understood and read that list well.

  • Performs operations of a very high-speed
  • Basically, a 100% accurate machine gives accurate results provided correct data gives given as input
  • It can store a large amount of data and information which can whenever be required
  • It has more like it fun and is reliable
  • More computer can work automatically if data and instruction to a computer is given once
  • It can be used in many fields and applications it can perform the difficult task it is a reasonable machine
  • How Computer works

It is a fast and accurate tool. In this, there are two major parts of hardware and software, combining hardware and software. A computer can accept data. The data is stored and gives the desired result. It is organized into 4 units as output.

Its parts such as Mouse, Keyboard, System Unit, Monitor, Speaker, etc. are examples of hardware. and a set of instructions that make a computer work. It is called software. The computer system is basically made up of input units. By which data can be given to the computer center.

A processing unit that performs all automatic and logical operations. and the output unit that displays the results of processing operations.

All modern computers work according to input process and output. :

1. Input

Input involves receiving data into the computer. The computer accepts the coded information through the input unit so that it can proceed. It has the ability to read the instructions. And the data to forward the input device example mouse keyboard scanner etc.

2. Process:

Processes input raw data with the processing unit of the computer also called the CPU.

This full form is a Central Processing Unit CPU processor that prepares the input data into a piece of meaningful information or result.

3. Output

The output includes the preceding data. And it can be used immediately. or can be stored in computer-usable form for later use. The output can be found in either hard copy or soft copy. Or in both forms, the hard copy is a permanent version of the output.

Such as a paper printer on a paper is using a soft copy temporary version of the printer. And that includes any output. which cannot be physically assigned. Soft copy output devices include monitors and speakers on the soft copy computer.

Some FAQ For This Post

1. What is Computer?

It is a machine with the help of which we can do all that work. Which one person cannot do in a hurry. With the help of this, we can do office work, the factory can do this work. and can do other things. It is an electronic device. which runs on electricity. The computer is a combination of both hardware and software.

2. What is a CPU?

CPU is an important part of the computer. With the help of which the computer helps to operate. We can also call it the heart of the computer. All the parts of a computer. They all work by their instruction. Its full form is Central Processing Unit.

3. What are the elements of a computer?

It has many elements. The most important element among them is computer hardware and software. With this come the input and output devices in other elements of the computer.

4. How does the computer work?

The computer is an electronic device. The way it works is very simple. In computers, we import data through input devices. After that, the computer processes the input data using all its programs. And shows us the result through the output.


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