What is Computer Hardware? Features & Types in 2024

What is Computer Hardware: If you do not know about computer hardware. So in today’s post, I will give you information about computer hardware.

Before this, if you did not know about computer software, then definitely learn it once.

So, first of all, I want to tell you this. Computer hardware is a physical part of a computer. Which we can easily touch. and can use.

The computer is mainly made up of two parts. In which the first is software and the second is hardware. Software is a computer program. Which runs with the help of hardware.

Let’s talk about the example of software. So like Chrome browser, Internet, Microsoft Office, Operating system, etc.

Which we run on mobile and computer. Therefore computer software and hardware are complementary to each other. Because these two cannot work without each other.

Think once and see that if the computer hardware was only there and there was no software then how do we run the computer. Hardware is just a box.

Which can be picked up from one place and kept in another place. And think about how we would run a computer even if there was software, and there was no hardware.

What is Computer Hardware?

Computer hardware is part of the computer. which we can see. can touch. It is the physical component of the computer. Like Monitor, CPU, Motherboard, etc. It is the electronic part of all computers.

that are used in the computer. We can easily touch the computer hardware. Can be carried from one place to another. This is what we call computer hardware.

To give an example about hardware, if you are reading this post on your computer. So the computer screen is a hardware part. And if you are studying on mobile.

So this is also a hardware part of the mobile. How many devices are there in a computer? Memory, input device, output device, screen, and UPS are called computer hardware.

The computer cannot be run without hardware. Because all the software is made to run the hardware and all the hardware is made to run the software.

Hardware and software cannot live without each other. And they may not even exist.

Features of computer hardware

Talk about the characteristics of computer hardware. So it doesn’t have many features.

But if we want to get knowledge about computer hardware in a good way. So we also need to understand its characteristics. like-

  • this is the physical part
  • it can be easily seen
  • can be carried from one place to another
  • it is used for a long time
  • we can do this with our hands

Types of Hardware

To understand the hardware in a better way, we have to know about its types. I am going to give you detailed information about all its types.

And you will also get their examples so that you will be able to understand them in a better way. What is computer hardware? And what do they do?

  • Mouse
  • Keyboard
  • Scanner
  • Monitor
  • Speaker
  • Printer
  • motherboard
  • CPU
  • Ram
  • Hard disk

There are some important hardware types. Let us understand them in detail. What is their work? get information about it.

1. Mouse

We all know about mice. It is the pointer device of the computer. It is also known as Cursor Moving Device.

The mouse has three buttons. Left-right and in the middle, it is a hardware device. Which is also called an input device.

It is operated by keeping it in the mouse pad. It is the main hardware device of the computer. Which works on the computer with the help of a Cursor.

2. Keyboard

The keyboard is also a hardware device. It is also called an input device. Without this, we cannot input data into the computer.

Therefore it plays the role of an important hardware device in the computer. This is a keyboard electronic device.

It is connected to the computer through a USB port. In this, there are number keys of alphabet functions and different types of special keys.

With the help of a scanner, we scan the document. And this is the hardware device. Any number of papers are document papers.

We can input it into the computer screen through a digital scanner. Therefore it is given an input device.

We can save all the information written on paper by scanning the computer through a digital scanner and storing it in the memory.

3. Monitor

The monitor is an input device. And it’s also a hardware device. It is also called an electronic device. It works to show the output on the computer.

Like we can see the picture of the TV. In the same way, we can see it on the monitor. Whatever computer we work on.

It is the work of the monitor to show it. It shows us all our work through the picture.

4. Speaker

Speaker is also a hardware device. This is known as the output device. Through this, we can hear the voice.

We connect this to our computer device via USB. And the activity on the computer can be heard in the form of sound.

5. Printer

The opposite of the scanner is the printer. Like the scanner converts the document photo into a digital photo by scanning it.

Similarly, the printer takes out the digital photo through hard copy. Which we can easily keep in our file. A printer is a machine to print photos, text, etc. on paper.

6. Motherboard

The motherboard is the most important part and hardware device of the computer. It has all the input-output devices of the computer. He connects.

If you want to see this. So you have to open the CPU box. Because the CPU is also connected to this.

Components are connected to the motherboard. Like CPU, RAM, Hard Dicks, etc. Everyone has a connection to this. That is why it is also called a circuit board.

7. CPU

CPU is also a hardware device. It acts as the brain of the computer. It is installed on the motherboard. Its full form is Central Processing Unit. It is mounted in a small socket.

It keeps the computer under its control. Like a person’s whole body is controlled by his mind. and gives instruction.

The same way the CPU works in a computer. CPU mainly works as three components. Such as Arithmetic Logic Unit, Control Unit, Memory Unit, etc.

Arithmetic units and logical units work in computers to do multiplication.

8. RAM

The full form of love is random access memory. This is a hardware device. It is used in the motherboard. This application is used to install the software on the computer, its size is 4GB 8GB 16GB by doing.

9. Hard disk

The hard disk is the largest memory of the computer. The hard disk stores all the data on the computer. All the files, documents, etc. are there on the computer.

This is the job of storing them all. These are visible on the computer by C drive, D drive, and E drive. A hard disk is called a hard drive. Its storage capacity is the highest of a computer.

I told you above about the various hardware devices of the computer. There are other similar devices. Which is not so important. That’s why I am just giving you information about some hardware devices.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Hardware?

Hardware is the physical part. Which we can easily touch. And can be carried from one place to another.

Examples of this are computer hardware devices such as monitors, CPUs, speakers, printers, scanners, etc.

2. Is the input-output device hardware?

Yes, absolutely any number of input/output devices. We can put them in the hardware.

Because we can easily touch and see them. That’s why they are also called hardware devices.

3. How important is hardware to a computer?

Hardware is the most important thing for a computer. Because without hardware the computer cannot run. Therefore, hardware plays the most important role to run any device.


Now I will just tell you this. That’s where I am ending this post with the definition of computer hardware and hardware.

I hope That you must have got the information about the hardware. You will continue to get information related to this.

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